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Research Survey

North Sanpete School District is conducting a research study in association with Brigham Young University aimed to support individuals with ASD. We need participants who are stakeholders of individuals with ASD to fill out an online survey. Stakeholders include parents, educators, service providers, or any individual who supports an individual with ASD. Please follow the link below to participate in the survey. Here is a flyer with more information: pdfFlyer.pdf

Survey Button Update - Bluelock

 To All Utah Students:




A Message from the Governor

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NSSD Vision

The North Sanpete School District Vision for Key Stakeholders include:

  • Teachers - create a nurturing learning environment of active engaged learners, regularly attend school, and are a good example for their students through professional and ethical behavior. Teachers also plan and carry out effective instruction using a variety of learning activities so all students can learn at their individual level.
  • Students - pay attention to their teacher, attend school regularly, and complete assignments. Students also ask clarifying questions, complete their homework, and get along with others.
  • Parents - ensure students come to school regularly, ready to learn. Parents also help with homework, read daily with their child and support teachers, coaches, directors and officials in conversations at home.
  • School & District Staff – are technically competent, trustworthy and friendly. These employees are also hard working, good examples for students.
  • School leaders - create a shared vision, understand student needs and are helpful. Leaders are good examples for students and solve problems by collaborating with parents, teachers and the community.

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