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Bus Pass Guidelines

SHOULD NOT​ be issued for:

  • Going to a friend’s home
  • Employment purposes
  • Daycare
  • Working on school projects or attending practices
  • Non-school activities (scouts, parties, sleepovers, or religious)
  • Court ordered custody arrangements between parents/proctor parents (arrangements for this need to be made with the Principal and the Transportation Office)
  • Any other stop that is not the student’s assigned stop (including being dropped at another school)


  • Medical emergency
  • Family emergency (i.e. death, hospitalization)

If a pass is issued:

  • The requested change must take place on the student’s assigned bus. No bus hopping​. We must be able to guarantee all students assigned to a specific bus their seats. (If another bus is needed, please call our office for approval.)
  • The student must present the bus pass to the driver as they board in order for the request to be fulfilled.
  • The bus pass has a 1-time use.