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Dual language immersion offers a rich bilingual experience for young learners when their minds are developmentally best able to acquire a second language.

Instruction is divided between two high quality, creative classrooms: one English, one Spanish. Students enjoy the advantage of two caring, qualified teachers. The English-speaking teacher uses half of the instruction day to teach English language arts (reading, writing, and spelling) as well as other subjects of the curriculum (science, social studies, math, etc.) 

The Spanish-speaking teacher uses the other half of the day to teach Spanish Literacy, Math, and portions of social studies, art, science, music, P.E. and health topics from the grade-appropriate level of the Utah State Core Curriculum.

In class, the Spanish teacher speaks only in Spanish and communicates using a range of engaging strategies including pictures, songs, games, body language, expressions, drama, pantomime, etc. Children at this age are adept at picking up language in meaningful contexts. After a brief period at the beginning of the year, students too will speak only in Spanish during Spanish class.

You’ll be delighted how quickly your child becomes a comfortable and competent Spanish speaker.

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