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Connect to Wi-Fi by going to the “Settings” app, select Wi-Fi on the left, and select the network on the right side. 

  • At school, this will be NSSD. When you tap on this network, a new login screen will appear. Enter your username and password according to the instructions below.
  • At home, you will need to click on your preferred network and enter the password for this network. Once your Wi-Fi signal ( ) shows in the top-right of your iPad screen you need to log in to the Internet by going to the “Web Login” app   or . You will be directed to a screen to put in your username and password.

Username: Your first name and last name with a period between (example: john.smith)

Password: Active Directory Password (5-digit Powerschool #)(first two letters of first name with both capitalized)(first two letters of last name both lowercase)(four digit lunch #)

*example for John Smith: 12345JOsm1234



From any Google application or site (e.g., or Google Drive App), you need to “Sign In”.

Email or phone: This will be your school email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Enter your password: This is the long 13-digit Active Directory password from the Internet login above. Then click “Next”.



Canvas is an online classroom component. Once students are logged into your school Google account, you will automatically be logged into Canvas. Go to (if it’s your first visit, you may have to press “Agree”). You may also have to select your school Google account again.


Once in Canvas, you may search the Canvas Student Guides from the left-side Help button in the global navigation menu.



You may quickly access your email by clicking on the Mail App. 

The first time you tap on the app icon, you will be prompted to login. Choose the Google option and enter your North Sanpete Google School account information. If you have previously linked another email, or want to add another email, you will need to go into the Settings app. Scroll down the left until you see “Accounts and Passwords”, then on the right choose “Add Account”. This is where you will receive options to enter another account. *Note: Yahoo accounts do not work through our district servers.



Students can get to the Naviance website by going to undefined. Because this is a long link, students can access the site by linking from the school website under “Students”, “Student Tools”, “Naviance”.

To login, click on the Clever button and use your Google password.


Go to


Username: This is a unique username that was distributed to students on their course schedule.


Password: This is the student PowerSchool number.


*If you have questions about logging into PowerSchool, please contact a school secretary or counselor.


Apple ID:

This is a required login using a district account. You can find the login by going into “Settings” and tap on the first option in the left column. On the right, if you are logged in correctly, you will see your name and Apple ID. If you are not logged in, you need to sign in. Your Apple ID is already set up as

username: (firstname)(lastname)(last 2 digits of PowerSchool number)

example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

password: this is a 6-number password that you reset. *If you need to reset this password, please see a member of the technology team. If you have never reset this password, it’s probably “123456”


App Store:

Students do not have full access to the Apple App Store; instead, you find and download apps through the Self-Service Web App. Feel free to download any apps you are able to download from here, but be aware that if apps don’t load, it may be that you have used up the available memory of your iPad.


Autofill Passwords:

If students really dislike or have difficulty remembering their passwords, you can set the Safari browser to remember usernames and passwords. Caution should be taken when using this feature because if another person has access to an iPad, they have access to passwords stored on it. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you set a passcode on the device! 


To enable autofill for passwords, go to the “Settings” app. Scroll down the left side to “Safari”. On the right side, tap “Autofill”, then flip the switch to activate “Names and Passwords”. You will get a prompt to set a passcode for the device if you do not have one set already. Now when you go to a website (for example, the Active Directory login screen) and enter your username and password, Safari will ask if you want it to remember the username and password. You can choose which sites save and which ones don’t.


Passcode (or Touch ID):

To modify your passcode or touch ID, go to the “Settings” App, scroll down the left side to “Passcode” or “Touch ID & Passcode” for newer models. If you already have a passcode set, you must enter it. If you don’t have a passcode set, you can create one. If you press the small-blue “Passcode Options” words above the keypad, you have options to create an alphanumeric code, a numeric code, or a 4-digit numeric code (less secure, but may be easier for some to login/remember.) Newer devices have options to log in using several finger options.


Clever Login:

A new feature we have available this year is a login through Clever. Many of your other applications that you previously had to sign into separately can now be logged into through Clever. You may see this icon on your Chrome browser extension or on your iPad. Click on this icon to take you to a page where you can log in using Google the first time, then log in to any of the available applications.

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