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July 22, 2021


Dear NSSD Family,


STOICISM...That is what pops into my mind when we look back to the past year. You all endured hardship without complaint. All of this while maintaining a strong will to do your best to make sure our students continued their education. You had many opportunities to flood your lives with excuses but instead, you made an effort.  We love you and are so very honored to work with outstanding individuals. We hope you have taken the last couple of months to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. We have included a calendar of upcoming training in preparation for the new school year and contract-day calendars. The calendars will also be available on our website.


The deadline for teachers to make an application for lane changes is August 15th. The payroll open enrollment deadline is August 31st. 


This year, we are excited to return to our normal procedure of Opening Institute. We will see you all, in person, at the high school auditorium. We will all have the pleasure of hearing opening remarks from Superintendent Ault and the introduction of the “Niffler Award.” Also, the tradition of the famous “Lunch Lady Cinnamon Rolls” will continue. 


We are excited to be able to be back together and have students in classes. I want us to take a minute and be present. Relax and think back as to why you joined the best Educational Family in the universe, the NSSD Educational Family.  Think of your first interview or your first day on the job. YOU WANTED TO MAKE AN IMPACT. YOU WANTED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Let’s continue on that path with renewed energy! Our students need the best of us. Thank you for making a difference. Once again, it is a complete honor to work with each of you. 

All the best,



O’Dee Hansen

Assistant Superintendent





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