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Pre Season Travel Request: All practice games over 150 miles one way in any sport must be approved by the local board of education. This form must be completed and attached with the eligibility list of that particular sport and include data for each trip.

Overnight Travel Parent Permission: Parent release form for overnight travel

Overnight Long Distance Travel Request: Request for Travel Requiring Approval of Superintendent or Board. Must be completed by NSSD employee who will be the group leader.

Employee Travel / Expense Reimbursement: Employees using personal vehicles for approved district business, please complete including signature of principal or director and submit to the district. 

Employee Out of State Travel Request: Employees traveling out-of-state on school or district business must have prior school board approval. Please complete this form, get principal approval and deliver to Melanie Lee, NSSD receptionist by the Wednesday before school board meeting (third Tuesday of each month)


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