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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  III-5
Effective Date:  05/13/2003
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Superintendent's Duties and Responsibilities

The Superintendent of schools will assume the duties of administering the entire school program of the district. This includes the areas of strategic directions, management, external relations, and the operation of associated programs. The superintendent of schools will maintain good relationships with members of the school board. the superintendent will exhibit high personal qualities.


  1. The superintendent will be responsible for development of the mission, goals, and strategies for the district.
  2. The superintendent will establish, subject to Board approval, rules and regulations for the implementation of Board policies.
  3. The superintendent will make available to all district personnel and to the general public all newly proposed policies.
  4. The superintendent will keep the Board of Education informed as to how policies are being carried out and the effectiveness of said policies.
  5. The superintendent will anticipate problems, where possible, and recommend appropriate policies to the Board before problems actually arise.
  6. The superintendent will follow the direction set by the district strategic plan and keep the Board of Education informed of progress on the plan.
  7. The superintendent will exercise general supervision and control over all aspects of the district operations.
  8. The superintendent will review the system of instruction of all pupils residing in the district and improve instruction as indicated by data.
  9. The superintendent will recommend to the Board the acquisition of sites, construction, remodeling or modifying of buildings, and purchase furnishings,
    equipment, and supplies.
  10. The superintendent will be authorized to select, to recommend for employment, to assign or to alter the assignment of, to transfer, to suspend, to recommend acceptance of resignations, to place on probation, and to recommend for promotion or dismissal any or all employees of the Board.
  11. The superintendent will make provision for professional growth of all personnel responsible directly to him.
  12. The superintendent will provide over-all direction to inter-district cooperatives in special education, vocational education, and alternative education.
  13. The superintendent will delegate authority to staff members and work teams as appropriate.
  14. The superintendent will establish a harmonious atmosphere of collaboration ensuring that the district office staff, employees and employee groups, students and student groups, and patrons and patron groups can work efficiently and cooperatively.
  15. The superintendent will oversee the budgetary process and make recommendations in line with the district's strategic directions to keep the district fiscally sound.
  16. The superintendent will provide an effective voice for the district with local state, and federal agencies and will advance the influence and credibility of the district with these agencies.
  17. The superintendent will develop good relationships with the legislature relating to public education.
  18. The superintendent will encourage the staff to be responsive to district and patron concerns.
  19. The superintendent will exercise good judgment in seeking information and counsel, analyzing facts and situations and arriving at decisions.
  20. The superintendent will model and expect high standards of performance and ethics in all personal and professional matters.
  21. The superintendent will communicate effectively through written and spoken word.
  22. The superintendent will routinely keep members of the Board, the district administration and the staff full informed on issues, needs, and operation of the district.
  23. The superintendent will advise the board with planning agenda items to provide sufficient time for substantial issues.
  24. The superintendent will treat Board members, district and school personnel and the public with consideration and respect.
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