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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  V-52
Effective Date:  05/19/2015
Revised Date:
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Subject:   Kindergarten Extended Day

Optional extended day kindergarten in North Sanpete School District is provided by invitation for kindergarten students that are significantly below state benchmarks academically and therefore need the extra intervention. Extended Day Kindergarten is not a program for all kindergarten students.

Kindergarten screening – spring test will be given to available incoming kindergarten students.  Newly enrolled incoming students will be assessed in the fall.  Special education students will be included in extended day kindergarten as outlined in the student’s IEP.

At the beginning of the year, all kindergarteners will be given the state kindergarten assessment and the DIBELS assessment.  Based on the information from both of these assessments and other teacher developed formative assessments, students will be selected for the optional extended day program as needed.  Parents will be informed as soon as possible and the optional extended day session should begin by fifth week of school.

Students’ progress will be monitored throughout the school year.  Students who make sufficient progress (reach the end of year benchmark goals according to DIBELS) will be moved out of extended day kindergarten and into a regular half-day session.  Student progress will be monitored to ensure adequate progress of each child.

Students who are struggling as the year progresses will be evaluated and selected (based on testing data, most severe needs served first) to move into the optional extended day session, as space becomes available.

Students may be entered or exited from extended day kindergarten at the mid-point or end of second or third term.

Parents will be notified with an official letter giving them up to two weeks to make arrangements when a child is being moved from optional extended day to half day or from half day to extended day. 

When changes are made, parents have the right to review the assessment data that was used to make the decision with the teacher and the building administrator.

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