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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  V-34
Effective Date:  09/14/1999
Revised Date:  08/14/2018
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Subject:  Concurrent or Dual Enrollment


The District recognizes that it is an advantage for and a desire of some students to attend College, Area Technical College (ATC), Career and Technical Education (CTE), and Career Prep courses while in High School. The District will help facilitate and coordinate such programs as deemed appropriate.


  1. Students enrolled in 11th or 12th grade and attending one or more classes at NSHS may attend college, ATC/CTE or Career Preparation courses and receive High School credit in addition to higher education credit where appropriate.  Students enrolled in college level classes during high school, must have been enrolled in at least a year of college prep coursework prior to enrollment in college level classes to be approved through the SEOP process.
  2. Students concurrently or dual enrolled may participate in high school activities providing they meet the eligibility standards in Board Policy V-5.
  3. The District may provide transportation to approved ATE/CTE sites.  The District does not advise or approve of students driving or riding in private automobiles to these sites.  If a student chooses to drive or ride in private vehicles, a written permission slip must be on file at the school.  North Sanpete School District cannot accept responsibility for any difficulty or accident encountered when students travel by private transportation.
  4. Because of the risk of accidents in travel and in ATE/CTE programs, the District recommends that students be covered by some form of medical insurance.  If students are not covered by a plan of their parent or guardian, they may purchase school insurance at a nominal cost.  A statement of insurance coverage must be on filie at the school as part of the approval process to participate in the ATC/CTE Programs offered by the District and Snow College South.
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