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Board Policy With Guidelines

Policy Number: V-45
Effective Date: 10/12/2004
Revised Date: 01/16/2018
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Subject: Interfering Devices and Electronic Communication Devices

The North Sanpete School Board, under authority 53A-11-901 of the Utah State Code, directs school administrators to regulate student-owned electronic devices to avoid the distraction, disruption, or intimidation of others in the school setting.

Interfering device:  
includes a device or object, which does not constitute a weapon or explosive but, may interfere with the educational process of students.

Electronic communication device:  any device that allows a person to record and/or transmit, on either a real time or delayed basis, sound, text, or other information. 

Camera:  includes any device for taking still or motion pictures.


  1. The principal or administrator of the school is given authority to make determinations as to whether devices fall under the definitions of "interfering device: "electronic communication device" and "camera" electronic communication device and camera.
  2. School administrators may prohibit the possession of such devices at specific times and in specific circumstances. 
  3. Students may possess, but may not operate or engage any interfering device electronic communication device, or camera during school hours or at school functions unless specifically authorized in advance by the school personnel in charge of the class or activity.
  4. Electronic communication devices and cameras may not be activated or utilized at any time in school situation where a reasonable expectation of personal privacy exists.  These locations and circumstances include but are not limited to locker rooms, shower rooms, restrooms and any other areas where students or others may change clothes or be in any stage or degree of disrobing or changing clothes.
  5. At no time may any electronic communication device or camera be utilized by any student in a way that might reasonably create the impression of threat, humiliation, harassment, embarrassment, or intimidation.
  6. For any violation of this policy, it shall be the duty of the teacher or administrator observing the violation to immediately confiscate the interfering device, electronic communication device, or camera.  The confiscated device shall be forwarded to the principal's office along with a report of the violation.  The principal's office will make arrangements to notify the parent/guardian of the student in violation of this policy that the device was confiscated and arrange for the parent or guardian to pick up that device at the school office.
  7. The use of any interfering device, electronic communication device, or camera to threaten, intimidate or embarrass others; or in a manner that is physically harmful to others; or to capture and transmit test information or any other material in a manner constituting fraud, theft or academic dishonesty will result in an immediate suspension of not fewer than three (3) days or more than ten (10) days depending on the decision of the principal.
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