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Policy Number:  V-26
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:
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Subject: Psychological Services


Psychological assessment/counseling services may be available to all children enrolled in the North Sanpete School District. The Board provides this service because it believes that children learn best when their emotional needs are met. The first and most important responsibility of the school is to educate, to teach children the necessary attitudes and skills to enable them to live successfully in our community and country. Anything that hinders the teaching-learning process Is the concern of the school. To accomplish these purposes, psychological assessment/counseling services shall be free of charge to students.


  1. All persons directly or indirectly concerned with any person receiving psychological assessment/counseling shall handle the relationship in a professional manner and all information divulged in conversations, case conferences, and/or ISP's shall be regarded as highly confidential.
  1. Referrals to the psychologist will come through either the principal or the resource teacher in the individual school. The referral process will be conducted in the same manner as the other special services referrals. The referrals may originate from the principal, the resource teacher, the classroom teacher, the parents, or any other significant individual who has
    dealings with the child.
  1. The following types of referrals will be appropriate for psychological assessment/counseling screening:
    1. Children who are referred strictly because of manifestations of inappropriate behaviors in the home and/or at school. Normally children do not exhibit academic difficulties.
    2. Children who have been referred to the resource teacher for screening of academic difficulties and those difficulties appear to be a result of inappropriate behaviors manifested on the child's part. The psychologist will do more extensive assessment after the resource teacher's initial assessment.
    3. Children who have been referred to the resource teacher for screening of academic difficulties and who receive a score of 79 or below or an individual intelligence test.
  1. The psychological assessment/counseling services that may be provided to each student who qualifies for such services are:
    1. A more in depth assessment and evaluation procedure than provided by the resource teacher.
    2. Individual counseling.
    3. Group counseling.
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