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Board Policy With Guidelines

Policy Number:  V-5
Effective Date:  09/14/1999
Revised Date:
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Subject: Student Activities                                           


The North Sanpete School District Board of Education believes individual students will benefit through opportunities to grow physically and intellectually. The school activities program can provide opportunities through interscholastic athletics, intramural activities, co curricular, curricular, and club activities.

It is the board’s policy to provide students opportunities in a variety of sports and activities.  Qualified personnel shall be provided for coaching and supervision of these activities.

The purpose of school activities is both educational and recreational.  The activities program should encourage participation by as many students as possible and should be carried on with the best interest of the students as the first consideration.

It is recognized that a well-organized and well conducted activity program is a potent factor in the morale of a school and an important phase of good community school relations.


  1. High School students may participate in extra curricular activities on or off campus providing they meet academic, enrollment and attendance standard which have been established by the district.
    1. The activities program is an integral part of the high school curriculum and comes under the authority of the principal to the same degree as do all other phases of the curriculum.
    2. Those teachers having direct responsibility for the conduct of the activities program of the school are required to conform in all ways to the general education program as laid down by the board and administration, including such matters as schedules, financial expenditures, relationships with other schools, and health and safety regulations.
    3. The North Sanpete High School is a member of the Utah High School Activities Association and in all activities matters will adhere firmly to the rules, regulations and philosophy of that body. The eligibility of students to participate in the activities program is determined in accordance with the UHSAA regulations.
    4. No student may start practice for any athletic team until he or she have been examined and approved by a medical doctor and until written consent has been obtained from the parents. It is the responsibility of the coach to secure for each participant in inter-school athletics authorization from the parents.
    5. District participation in interscholastic athletics and activities shall be subject to approval by the Board. The board will approve membership in any leagues, associations, or conferences, rules of student participation, and annual activities schedules.
    6. All students who participate in interscholastic athletics must provide their own insurance. Evidence of this insurance or a legally authorized waiver in lieu of insurance must be on file in the principal’s office prior to the first day that the student participates in the interscholastic program. The District makes available to parents an insurance program for purchase from a commercial insurance company.
    7. Participation in school activities which requires the student to be absent from regularly scheduled classes shall be approved in advance by the school principal.
    8. Whenever possible, school activities shall be scheduled at times not conflicting with the regularly scheduled school program.
    9. Travel to school activities shall be in buses, or district vehicles and supervised by authorized school personnel. Students participants in interschool athletic events shall not be transported in private automobiles.  Parents may transport their student following school activities. Parents must notify the coach or advisor that they are taking the student. Parents may authorize another adult to transport their student by signing a release form prior to the activity.
    10. Student participation in school activity events will not be authorized when such participation would require that a student be away from home overnight without prior approval of the Board of Education and written parent approval.
    11. All activities requiring out-of-state travel must have prior approval of the Board of Education and written parent approval.
  2. Activity Participation Eligibility
    1. A student must be a full time student in an education program approved by the district. Full time is defined as enrollment and attendance in an approved program equal to 6/7 of the school day (a release time or a home release period is allowed with parental approval).
    2. Students exempted from compulsory public education who attend private or home school may participate in extra-curricular activities provided that parents or guardians verify the student is enrolled in at least as many of the designated courses as required for all other students in the North Sanpete School District (R277 700-6, Utah Administrative Code). A home school student’s educational program will be evaluated and eligibility verified as outlined in Board Policy VI-43. Students attending at higher education institutions are considered full time at 8 semester credit hours. Dual enrollment programs will require administrative approval.
    3. A student must receive passing grades in all classes and have a 2.0 GPA at the end of each quarter grading period. Grade markings which indicate “not passing” are F, I, or NG.
    4. When a student receives an F, I, or NG and/or the GPA falls below a 2.0 on a quarter report card, she or he is ineligible to participate in activities until the eligibility standard is met at the next grading period.
    5. Students entering North Sanpete High School for the first time (whether from the Middle School feeder program or transferring from another school system) must bring eligibility with them; that is, they must have met our standards at the end of their last quarter grading period at their former school.
    6. No student is eligible to participate in school activities whose class has already graduated, or is 19 years of age before the school year begins.

NOTE: The district has also established procedures that guide club and non-UHSAA Activities (see page......).

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