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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  V-16
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:
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Subject: Student Government


The Board sanctions and recommends the organization of student government bodies in the secondary schools.

Student government shall be "of the students, by the students, for the students," representing all students in the school in communications with the administration and in the organization of student activities.


  1. Members of student councils shall be elected democratically. The rights and responsibilities of the council shall be clearly set forth. An adviser for each student council shall be chosen by the faculty.
  1. Such councils shall not have authority to make policies for the district or regulations for the school. Nor shall they have any disciplinary authority, except for recommending removal from the council of one of their members. However, a council may make recommendations to the administration on any topic of student concern.
  1. The administration and student council of any school shall keep channels of communication open, not only between themselves, but between all students and the council.
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