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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  V-47
Effective Date:  12/03/2019 
Revised Date:
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Subject: Fundraising


The North Sanpete Board of Education establishes policy and procedures governing the initiation, authorization, and review of all fundraising activities of the district and individual schools. This policy is intended to create practices that adequately safeguard public funds, provide for accountability, and ensure compliance with state and federal laws.

The Board encourages community and business partnerships that enhance and supplement the public education system. The Board also desires to protect students, parents, teachers, and school administrators from over-commercialization and fundraising efforts that are coercive and disruptive to the education processes, threatening to the health and welfare of students, or lacking in educational merit.

This policy applies to all district administrators, licensed educators, staff members, students, organizations, volunteers and individuals who initiate, authorize, or participate in fundraising events or activities for school-sponsored events. It is expected that in all dealings, district and school employees will act ethically and consistent with the district’s ethics training, the Utah Educators Standards, the Public Officers’ and Employees’ Ethics Act, and State procurement law.


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