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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  X-1
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Transportation Goals

The goal for pupil transportation in North Sanpete School District is to transport students to and from school as safely and efficiently as possible. Training of school bus drivers is necessary if students are to be transported safely.


  1. To meet state requirements and Federal Standard 17, the following training must be completed by those desiring to drive a school bus in North Sanpete School District:
    1. Pre-service (6 hours). An orientation to school bus driving shall be given to every driver employed. The initial training will include the things the driver will be doing when he or she gets behind the wheel of the bus. The next step shall be to familiarize the driver with the bus itself, followed by a proficiency (road) test to prove driving skills used in the safe operation of a bus. Before a driver actually drives students to school, he or she shall ride with an experienced driver to observe operational procedures.
    2. Each driver shall attend the (24 hrs.) Basic Course at the UTC in Provo.
    3. Each driver shall attend the Annual In-service Training Program (8 hrs.) conducted by the local school district.
    4. Each driver shall attend safety meetings conducted by the district. The state requires 3 one hour meetings per school year.
    5. Each driver shall attend the Defensive Driving Course (8 hrs.) conducted under the direction of the school district.
    6. Each driver shall attend the First Aid/Emergency Care (8 hrs.) as scheduled by the school district.
    7. Each driver shall submit to the district office all reports as requested.
    8. Training begun, but not completed, will not be considered for salary purposes.
  2. A policy and procedures manual for transportation is on file at the district office and will be issued to all bus drivers, principals and district administrators.
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