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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  X-4
Effective Date:  03/17/1983
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Passenger Safety

School bus drivers have direct responsibility for passenger safety on all routes. Drivers are to maintain proper student discipline when loading, unloading, and carrying students to and from school. Drivers are to be courteous, friendly, fair and consistent in maintaining discipline on the buses.

When picking up students at the close of the school day, drivers should arrive at the school sufficiently early so that students are not waiting for the buses to arrive.

Students who create discipline problems on the bus may be suspended by the driver if suspension is done according to the riding policy. A driver should suspend a student rider only when the student is causing a danger to himself or other students riding the bus.

Drivers shall not load or unload passengers unless the bus is stopped and all precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Drivers shall conduct two emergency evacuation drills each year. One evacuation drill shall be conducted in the fall before October 31 The second evacuation drill is to be conducted in the spring before April 30, Other drills may be conducted as the driver feels the need.

The Principal, in cooperation with the Transportation Supervisor, shall prepare a short assembly or film at each district school covering, but not limited to, (1) emergency evacuation; (2) student behavior code; (3) use and care of school bus, etc. This is to be completed by October, 15 of each year.

Bus Drivers who observe traffic passing the school bus when the red lights are flashing are required to make note of the license number of the vehicle. This number should be turned in to the Transportation Supervisor who will notify the city marshal and county sheriff of the violation.

Information the bus driver needs to report includes: (1) license number, (2) date and time of violation. (3) place of violation, and (4) name of driver (if known).

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