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Board Policy With Guidelines

Policy Number:  X-9
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:  04/13/2004
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Subject:  Use of Private Vehicles on School Business

The North Sanpete School District Board of Education recognizes the need for some school employees to use their own automobiles for school purposes regularly or occasionally.


  1. All district business travel, either by district automobile or private vehicle must be pre-approved at the district level. This approval may be granted by the Board for regular programs on a yearly basis, subject to yearly review: e.g. Speech and Hearing Specialist, Elementary Counselor, Elementary Band Program, Transportation Director, Driver Education instructor/s, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent.  The permit shall state the particular purpose.
  2. Individuals so authorized to use their cars for school business purposes shall provide documentation that they do carry liability insurance at the rates required by the school board ($100,000 bodily injury, $300,000 individual and $150,000 property damage). The district shall assume no responsibility for liability in case of accident unless the employee has the described authorization.
  3. The Board specifically forbids any employee to transport students for school purposes without prior authorization by the superintendent or his or her designee, except in case of emergencies. If such an emergency case arises, the employee will contact the superintendent immediately to notify him/her of the situation.
  4. Private vehicle mileage reimbursement will generally originate from the district office, as employees are expected to arrive at work at their own expense. Exceptions to this guideline must be approved at the district level. Individuals who have assignments that may start in any of the district schools and continue to other district schools will start the mileage calculation either at the district office or at the first school in which they provide service that day.
  5. The district mileage chart will be used to determine approved mileage for travel between schools within the district.
  6. To claim reimbursement, the employee should submit a properly completed "Private Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement Form" for payment of mileage incurred in private vehicles.
  7. No individual under the age of 18 shall be sent on school errands with his or her own automobile, or an employee's automobile.
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