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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IX-10
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Vandalism

The maintenance and safe-guarding of school buildings and property is a shared responsibility of all citizens, school administrators, certificated and classified employees.


  1. Every citizen of the district, students, and members of the police department are urged by the Board to cooperate in reporting any incidents of vandalism to property belonging to the district and the name(s) of the person or persons believed to be responsible.
  2. Each employee of the district shall report to the principal of the school every incident of vandalism known to him or her, and, if known, the names of those responsible.
  3. The superintendent is authorized to sign a criminal complaint and to press the charges against perpetuators of vandalism against school property, and is further authorized to delegate, as he sees fit, authority to sign such complaints and to press charges.
  4. It is the responsibility of all district personnel to work cooperatively together to:
    1. Promote respect for school facilities and other public facilities.
    2. Deter acts of vandalism and school break-ins.
    3. Assist law enforcement officers in the identification and apprehension of persons who willfully damage property, steal school materials, and gain illegal entrance into school premises.
  5. Direct responsibility for this aspect of school operation is delegated to the school principal and physical plant personnel.
    1. Principals, in cooperation with classroom teachers, shall conduct instructional activities designed to promote a respect for public facilities. Such activities shall be considered a part of the preventive maintenance program and a part of citizenship education.
    2. Principals, teachers, and members of the custodial staff shall take precautions to discourage thefts, acts of vandalism, and break-ins. Precautionary measures shall include the following:
      1. The careful distribution and accounting of keys.
      2. The closing and locking of designated doors and windows.
      3. Adequate lighting.
      4. The current banking of school monies.
      5. The practice of not keeping cash in desk drawers.
      6.  Other essential practices.
    3. In the event of break-ins, thefts, or vandalism to school property, the school principal shall take the following action:
      1. Notify immediately the appropriate officers of the law.
      2. Report via the telephone to the appropriate physical plant person and to the district office following an investigation by the officers and a survey of damages.
      3. Complete a written report of the incident and submit the report to the Administrator/Operations.
      4. Work with the maintenance department in repairing the damaged property as quickly as possible.
      5. Incidents of vandalism and break-ins involving substantial amounts of money or property value shall be reported to the Board.
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