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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IX-12
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Building and Grounds Security

Buildings of the North Sanpete School district constitute one of the greatest investments of the school district. It is deemed in the best interest of district to protect the investment adequately.

Principals are required to be familiar with following Buildings and Grounds Security Policies and discuss them with staff members at least once a year, stressing the positive reasons for these procedures.


  1. Security should mean not only maintenance of a secure (locked) building, but protection from fire hazards and faulty equipment, and safe practices in the use of electrical, plumbing and heating equipment. The Board requires and encourages close cooperation with local police, fire, and sheriff's departments and with insurance company inspectors.
  2. Access to school buildings outside of regular school hours shall be limited to personnel whose work requires it, except as authorized by the principal. They will be responsible for securing the building as outlined in #5. An adequate key control system shall be established which will limit access to buildings to authorized personnel only and will safeguard against the potential entrance to buildings by persons with unauthorized keys. (See "Key Policy" IX13 and " Use of School Facilities" Policy #IX-1 4)
  3. Records and funds shall be kept in a safe place and under lock and key when required.
  4. Protective devices assigned to be used as safeguards against illegal entry and vandalism shall be installed when appropriate for an individual situation. Employment of watchmen may be approved in situations where special risks are involved.
  5. The custodian or person in charge of activity will follow procedures used to secure a building at the end of the day or an activity as follows:
    1. Be sure all inside doors are locked and lights and equipment are turned off.
    2. Physically walk the outside perimeter of the building. Push on all windows and pull on each door to ensure they are all secure. When dark, check security lighting.
    3. If an alarm system is present, arm system before leaving.
  6. If an employee needs to enter the building after the building has been secured, said employee must make sure the outer door is locked behind him/her. Following completion of time in the building, the employee must be sure all inside doors are again locked and lights and equipment are turned off. The employee must also double check that the door used to exit the building is securely locked.
  7. Any employee who violates any section of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action that may include, but not limited to:
    1. Verbal warning.
    2. Written warning, noted in the employee file.
    3. Probation, loss of key privileges.
    4. Recommendation to terminate.
  8. Violation by non-employees and students shall be considered as trespass and criminal charges will be filed with law enforcement.
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