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The Board of Education recognizes that in a school system such as the North Sanpete School District, with its division of responsibility among the many types of instructional and other employed personnel, it is important for each person to know the policies and rules under which he serves and the role he/she is to play in order that the system can function as a single educational unit in the interests of the individual pupil, parent, employee, and community.

All school practices are derived from four sources:  (1) State Law, (2) Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Education, (3) Policies of Local Boards of Education, (4) Administrative Rules and Regulations of Local School Officials.  The latter two vary considerably from district to district. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important that the Board of Education should authorize the development of a complete statement of policies, practices, and procedures necessary for the guidance of actions of the Board and its employees.

This book comprises such a statement. The content of this book is not static and will never be complete. It is a working book. It will be subject to continuous revision to meet current needs.

This book is the property of the North Sanpete School District. It will be the duty of the recipient of this book to use it, to be knowledgeable of its contents, to keep it up to date with inserts sent from the district office, and to return it when leaving the school system.

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