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Employee Compliance Form
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I understand the definition of Utah Admin. Code R277-407 as it relates to private, but public education-related activities (e.g. public education employees using school positions and resources to run private extra-curricular teams and camps, which students and parents perceive as necessary in order to make school teams).

To ensure that accountability, compliance with the regulations and student opportunity I agree to the following:

  • Distinguish public education-related activity separate and distinguishable from my private activities.
  • I will not promote my involvement with private, but public education-related activities through contact with students at the school or use education records, resources, or information obtained through my employment with NSSD.
  • I will not condition credit and participation in a public school program or activity on a student’s participation in such activities as clinics, camps, private programs, or travel activities, which are not equally and freely available to all students.
  • I will not state or imply to any person that participation in a regular school activity or program is conditioned on participation in a private activity.
  • I understand that any advertisement of a private, but public education-related activity shall state clearly and distinctly that the activity is NOT sponsored by NSHS or NSSD.
  • I understand that any public education-related activity I participate in is not sponsored by NSHS or NSSD and that this activity is outside the scope of employment and unrelated to any public duties or responsibilities I may have as a public employee.
  • I agree to comply with laws and rules of the state and policies regarding advertising and employee participation.
  • I understand I cannot use school equipment or uniforms for the public education-related activity.
  • I agree to sign all contracts related to building use and pay applicable use fees. Contract will be maintained by North Sanpete High School and a copy will be placed in the employee file.
  • I will not require or ask for voluntary participation in summer or other off-season clinics, workshops, and leagues. These experiences will not be used as eligibility criteria for team membership, participation in extracurricular activities, or for the opportunity to try out for school sponsored activities.

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