North Sanpete Middle School Fees 7th Grade 2019-2020  pdfPDF Download
Required Fees:
General School Fee $22.00
One to One Technology Use Fee $35.00
Voted Leeway - North Sanpete School District Deferment -$10.00
Total Due $47.00 


Art Foundations $10.00
Band/Percussion $5.00
Choir $3.00
CCA-College and Career Awareness $15.00
*Trimester each of Family & Consumer Science, Ed Technology and Business
Exploring Technology I $20.00
Exploring Technology II $20.00
FACS Exploration (Home Ec) $5.00
Digital Literacy $2.00
Computers in Business $2.00
P.E. (lock rental & P.E. clothes) $20.00
Science Lab $10.00
Theatre Foundations $3.00


Clubs and Organization Fees:
F.B.L.A.* $25.00
F.C.C.L.A.* $25.00
*May be some additional costs for competitions, shirts/sweatshirts, etc.

Credit Recovery Fee:  $25.00 per F for failed CORE classes (not covered by Fee Waivers)

Optional Fees:
Yearbook (Hardcover)* $20.00
*Cost will be $25.00 after January 31st and you are not guaranteed a yearbook – If we run out of yearbooks you will be refunded.

End of Quarter Activities/Honor Roll Trip/Lagoon/Snowboarding Trip........ These trips are not required, they are optional.  You have to qualify with grades, attendance, citizenship and GPA to attend some or all of them. The cost can run anywhere from $8.00 - $45.00.  This usually covers the cost of admission, equipment rentals, sometimes a meal ticket and the cost of bussing.  Below are approximate costs: 

1st Quarter:  Movie $8.00
2nd Quarter:  Peaks Ice Arena $10.00
3rd Quarter:  Classic Skating $16.00
Honor Roll:  Boondocks $16.00
8th Grade Lagoon $38.00
Snowboarding $25.00

***Students and Parents are responsible for damages or loss of textbook(s), library book(s), iPad, and other school equipment. A student must plan to furnish or rent his/her own musical instruments and other personal equipment for music programs.***

**If you pay by credit card there is a 3% transaction fee.

Fee Waiver Applications Timing- Fee waiver applications may be submitted anytime from the end of the prior school year up through October 1 of the school year for which the fees are charged. Fee waiver applications submitted after October 1 need not be considered, except that applications for students enrolling after the beginning of the school year should be considered if submitted within 60 days after the student enrolls. The principal may consider a late application for good cause, but this is solely in the principal’s discretion to decide and there is no appeal from the principal’s decision.

Completeness- Fee waiver applications are made using the standard USOE Fee Waiver Application form and by providing the supporting documentation identified on that form. The required supporting documentation must be submitted with the application. If the required supporting documentation is not provided, the parent or guardian shall be notified and the application will be treated as a contingent application if the required supporting document is submitted within 14 days of notice of incompleteness. If the supporting documentation is not submitted within 14 days of notice, the contingent application shall be rejected as deficient and the fee payment requirement shall no longer be suspended.

Decisions On Fee Waiver Applications - The principal evaluates fee waiver applications and decides whether the application should be granted. The principal shall give the parent or guardian written notice of the principal’s decision on the fee waiver application using the standard USBE Fee Waiver Decision and Appeal Form. Where the application is denied as incomplete for lack of required documentation, the principal shall identify what information is missing and shall also inform the parent or guardian that the application will be considered finally rejected if the documentation is not provided within 14 days.

Treatment of eligible students- Students who have been granted fee waivers shall not be treated differently from other students, nor shall students who have been granted fee waivers be identified to persons who do not need to know of that status.

Appeal Process - Parent or guardian may appeal the denial of a fee waiver by following the instructions on the State website located at

Documentation and Record-Keeping - The Superintendent or designee shall keep a copy of the Board-approved fee schedule and fee policies applicable to each school year. Schools shall maintain a copy of all documents relating to fee waiver applications (applications, decisions, written appeals, decisions on appeals). However, schools shall not retain the supporting documentation (for example, tax returns or pay stubs) after a decision has been made on the application.

 Certification of Compliance - School Principals, for the principal’s school, and the Superintendent and Board President, for the North Sanpete School District, shall confirm that the fee practices and procedures are in compliance with the assurances contained in the standard Utah State Office of Education certifications of compliance. After a principal has confirmed compliance, the principal shall annually complete and submit the standard USOE certification form applicable to the principal’s school. (“Secondary School Certification of Compliance.”) After the Superintendent and Board President have confirmed compliance, the Superintendent shall annually complete and submit the standard USOE certification form on behalf of the District. (“School District Certification of Compliance.”)

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