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This plan was drafted by the Classified Evaluation Committee, which included Sam Ray – Superintendent, Chris Godfreys – NSCEA, Janae Kubota – Fairview Elementary, Laura Mower – Mount Pleasant Elementary, Pam Jenkins – Spring City Elementary, Joan Peel – Moroni Elementary, Jim Heywood – North Sanpete Middle School, Marilyn Bagley – North Sanpete High School, Becky Rees – North Sanpete High School, Ron Pipher – Moroni Elementary, Joann Molinet – North Sanpete High School, Claudia Christensen – District Office and Connie Lamb – Transportation.


Step I – Fall Meeting with Supervisor (first month of school)

A – Complete Goal Setting Form

B – Discuss job description

C – Notify employee of areas needing improvement


Step II – Mid-Year Formative evaluation (multiple measures over time)

A – Job specific documents (secretary, custodial, nutrition, bus, etc.) 

B - Walk-thru, survey, ride-a-long, etc.

C – At least twice per year (allow at least one month for improvement, if needed, before summative evaluation)

D – Supervisor will review areas needing improvement

E – Every year for every classified employee

F – Elementary custodian submits playground checklist to principal monthly


Step III – Spring Summative Evaluation – Meet with Supervisor

A – Review success

B – Discuss improvement

C – Finalize success / lack of success (areas needing improvement)

D – Finalize Summative evaluation (average 3 or better meets standard)

E – Supervisor express appreciation

F – Years of employment 1,2,3,4,9,14,19,24,29 (to qualify for step increase)


Instructions for use of Evaluation Forms: (Unless otherwise directed)

Use the space provided for comments when a more detailed explanation seems necessary. Every employee should have a comment on performance good or bad.


The rating is on a four-point scale with the following definitions:

1               Not Effective – Seldom exceeds & often falls short of standard; not sustained adequate improvement.

2               Emerging/Minimal – Performance is improving; still needs supervision / instruction to perform duties

3               Effective – Performs independently & at an acceptable level

4               Highly Effective – Performs independently & at an exceptional level; results often better than expected.


A person receiving a majority of number two and one ratings should not be recommend for re-employment next school year.


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