NSSD Vision


Our Mission: Creating conditions for learning, so all students can succeed.

Our Vision for key stakeholders:

  • Teachers - create a nurturing learning environment of active engaged learners, regularly attend school, and are a good example for their students through professional and ethical behavior. Teachers also plan and carry out effective instruction using a variety of learning activities so all students can learn at their individual level.
  • Students - pay attention to their teacher, attend school regularly, and complete assignments. Students also ask clarifying questions, complete their homework, and get along with others.
  • Parents - ensure students come to school regularly, ready to learn. Parents also help with homework, read daily with their child and support teachers, coaches, directors and officials in conversations at home.
  • School District Staff - are technically competent, trustworthy and friendly. These employees are also hard working, good examples for students.
  • School leaders - create a shared vision, understand student needs and are helpful. Leaders are good examples for students and solve problems by collaborating with parents, teachers and the community.
  • Goals 2015

  • Instructional Goal: At least 90% of teachers will meet or exceed an effective rating on the Utah Teaching Standards as measured by the North Sanpete School District Teacher Evaluation System (NSES). A percentage of teachers reaching effective or higher will be reported annually.
  • Student Achievement Goal: All students will show improvement including at least a year of growth or reach their IEP Goals each year as measured by SLOs, SAGE, DIBELS, WIDA, ACT, graduation rates, etc. Each school will report their success annually.
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    Created on 29 November -0001. Posted in Category

    NSSD Finance Policies  ...

    Emergency Safety Interventions

    Created on 17 May 2017. Posted in Policies-Students

    ... Behavioral Interventions (LRBI) policies and procedures for special education/504 programs.   Physical Restraint   A school employee may, when acting within the scope of employment, use and ...

    20 March 2017

    Created on 24 March 2017. Posted in Newsletters

    ... or Mrs Mower. The dress and grooming policy is also on the district's webpage: https://www.nsanpete.org/index.php/districtplicies/districtpoliciesstudents/135-dress-and-grooming.html POP AND FOOD A ...

    Community Council November 2016

    Created on 17 November 2016. Posted in SCE Community Council

    ... was useful. III- Title I Plan/ School Improvement Plan             Participation/ feedback – Parent involvement policy/ School Parent Compact Council discussed the policies on parent involvement ...

    Purchasing Card Policy and Procedure

    Created on 04 December 2015. Posted in Policies-Finance

    ...  2. P-Card use still requires compliance with all district and state purchasing policies (no online purchases at this time)*.   3. Walmart purchases are only made with a Walmart card, checked-out from ...

    November 2015

    Created on 24 November 2015. Posted in Minutes

    ... cyber bullying, and predators who might contact our students on social media. •What are the policies in place for devices brought from home? No devices are allowed to be brought from home. Smart phones ...

    November 2015 Agenda

    Created on 17 November 2015. Posted in Agendas

    ...  appears for students? •How does the school balance access and safety? •What does the administration see as their greatest threats for students? •What are the policies in place for devices brough ...

    Use of School Facilities

    Created on 07 August 2015. Posted in Physical Facilities

    ... close at 10:00 pm.  High school grounds close at midnight.  All district policies state and local laws will be enforced.               ...

    Buildings and Grounds Security

    Created on 07 August 2015. Posted in Physical Facilities

    ... with following Buildings and Grounds Security Policies and discuss them with staff members at least once a year, stressing the positive reasons for these procedures.   II. Direction   1. Security ...

    Open Enrolllment

    Created on 26 January 2015. Posted in Policies-Students

    ... be considered. Utah High School Activities Association guidelines and policies apply for students who participate in high school athletics and activities. Falsification or misrepresentation ...

    Travel Policy - Student

    Created on 17 November 2014. Posted in Policies-Students

    ... the rules and policies for the school, district and State Code (Reference: Utah Code 53A-11-908), in addition to the specific standards adopted for the event. Members of the travel group who violate the ...

    School Fees

    Created on 13 February 2014. Posted in School Fees

    ... chool or being properly placed in school. State law requires schools or school districts to require DOCUMENTATION of fee waiver eligibility if parent must “apply for fee waivers.” Local boards will have po ...

    MPE Parent Involvement

    Created on 08 October 2013. Posted in MPE Handbook

    ... to plan, review and recommend improvements to programs such as Parental Involvement Policy, school-wide policies and practices •   Communicate regularly with parents of students to provide the following: ...

    Moroni Parent Involvement

    Created on 09 May 2013. Posted in ME Handbook

    ... reviewing, and improving programs such as the School Improvement Plan, School Parent Compact, and other school-wide policies and practices. E. Communicate regularly with parents of students to provide ...

    School Parent Compact

    Created on 29 October 2012. Posted in SCE handbook

    ... and improve programs such as this Parental Involvement Policy, School Parent Compact, and other school-wide policies and practices. E. Communicate regularly with parents of students to provide the following: ...

    Mobile Computing and Storage Devices

    Created on 24 May 2012. Posted in Policies-School/Community Relations

    ... licable policies, procedures, and standards is mandatory.   5.  Students who bring personal storage devices (such as flash drives) to school may only plug these devices into      computers with  ...

    Internet Acceptable Use - Employee

    Created on 23 May 2012. Posted in Policies-Personnel

    ...    1.   All users shall access Internet and District-issued computer equipment and technology devices  consistent with Federal and State law and the purposes, goals, and policies of the District.   ...

    Spring City School Rules for Students

    Created on 20 December 2011. Posted in SCE handbook

    ... child will be allowed in a classroom unsupervised. Safe-Schools Policy (Full policy available on district website http://www.nsanpete.k12.ut.us/index.php/districtpolicies/districtpoliciesstudents/151-safe-schools-and-student-discipline.html) ...

    District Policies

    Created on 07 December 2011. Posted in ME Handbook

    North Sanpete School District Policies  ...