North Sanpete School District               Policy Number  II - 14

Statement of .............                       Effective                                    
                                    Date    August 10, 2010
 Board Policy with Guidelines                 Revised
                                      Date October 10, 2010                             
Subject:  Electronic Meetings
  A.             Electronic Meetings Authorized
In order to facilitate board member participation in board meetings when physicalpresence is not possible,
electronic meetings are expressly permitted pursuant to Utah Code 52-4-207.
B.             Definitions
1.             “Anchor location” means the physical location from which the electronic meeting originates or from which the participants are connected.
2.            “Electronic meeting” means a meeting convened or conducted by means of a telephonic, telecommunications or computer conference.
C.             Electronic Meeting Guidelines
1.             A quorum of the board of education shall be physically present at an  anchor location for all meetings.
2.             Board members who wish to participate in a meeting by electronic mean shall make reasonable efforts to notify the board president or vice-                                                    president no fewer than three days prior to the meeting in order for arrangements to be made for the electronic meeting.
3.             The board president or vice-president shall make reasonable efforts to give notice of the electronic meeting to all other board members no fewer than                                         24 hours prior to the meeting, including a description of the electronic connection.
4.             The member’s electronic presence at a meeting shall be announced at the meeting and noted in the minutes.


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