Student & Teacher of The Week

Goes to:

Eva & Mrs. Nielson

Thanks for Being Positive!

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Student / Teacher of the week

Goes to:

Mrs. Buttler & Maggie

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Student & Teacher

of the Week goes to:

Mrs. Farnsworth & Kaylee

Keep being Positive!!

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The Student & Teacher of the Week

Goes to:

Andre & Mrs. Smith

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This weeks Student of the week is Aiden, Staff of the week is Ken!!

Great Job!

This Weeks Teacher &  Student of the week goes to:

Mrs. Rigby and Travis

Great Job!


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As Part of our new Positive Behavior Program this year we will be picking a teacher and student of the week. The 1st Teacher of the week is Mrs. Stansfield, and the student of the week is Annalee. Thanks for making our school a positive place to be!

2017 Jump Rope Contest Competitors:

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Pictured are the Student Body Council Nominees

for school year 2017/2018:

Picture of Student Body Council Nominees for Mount Pleasant Elementary 2017/2018