Congratulations to our

Student and Teacher of the week:

Mrs. Nielson & Braden

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Student & Teacher of the week:

Quade & Mr. Jorgensen

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Student & Teacher of the week goes to:

Brylee & Mrs. Ferguson

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Checkout the fun that was had at the Mt. Pleasant Elementary

at Parents and Pastries Morning!!



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Student & Teacher of the week goes to:

Mrs. Jorgensen & Brindley

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Congratulations & keep up the great work!!

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Student & Teacher of the week goes to:

Russell & Mrs. Stansfield

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Leukemia Fundraiser

During the month of March Mt. Pleasant Elementary did a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Mrs. Larsen’s 4th grade class was in charge of the fundraiser. There was a committee of five students assigned to come up with a community problem to solve. These students wanted in some way help with cancer. It worked out perfectly when the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society approached Mt. Pleasant Elementary to conduct the fundraiser. Katie, Seth, Indie, Aramis, and Miley started working in January on this project. They came up with all the ways to promote this project to the school and encourage students to donate to their coin war. They first researched about Leukemia and Lymphoma. Then they were able to go and talk to each class about their project. They made posters to hang up around the school to encourage students to be a superhero and donate money.  For three weeks of March money was collected. Each class was able to donate coins, cash, and online. Mrs. Larsen’s class would then count the money on Friday and Monday in order to announce the weekly leader. The school goal was to raise $750. At the end of the three weeks the school raised $1053.51 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Mt. Pleasant Elementary is very proud of all their students for being a superhero and raising money for cancer.

Pictured with the coins raised in the fundraiser are: Seth, Katie, Aramis, Indie, and Miley.

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Congratulations to

Mrs. Jorgensen & Cassidy

On getting Teacher and Student of the week!

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to the student & Staff of the week:

Ayden & DeeDee

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Our Student & Teacher of the week

Mrs. Hansen & Kyler

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Congratulations to

our Student & Teacher of the week:

Andrew & Miss Dimick

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