NSSD Vision


Our Mission: Creating conditions for learning, so all students can succeed.

Our Vision for key stakeholders:

  • Teachers - create a nurturing learning environment of active engaged learners, regularly attend school, and are a good example for their students through professional and ethical behavior. Teachers also plan and carry out effective instruction using a variety of learning activities so all students can learn at their individual level.
  • Students - pay attention to their teacher, attend school regularly, and complete assignments. Students also ask clarifying questions, complete their homework, and get along with others.
  • Parents - ensure students come to school regularly, ready to learn. Parents also help with homework, read daily with their child and support teachers, coaches, directors and officials in conversations at home.
  • School District Staff - are technically competent, trustworthy and friendly. These employees are also hard working, good examples for students.
  • School leaders - create a shared vision, understand student needs and are helpful. Leaders are good examples for students and solve problems by collaborating with parents, teachers and the community.
  • Goals 2015

  • Instructional Goal: At least 90% of teachers will meet or exceed an effective rating on the Utah Teaching Standards as measured by the North Sanpete School District Teacher Evaluation System (NSES). A percentage of teachers reaching effective or higher will be reported annually.
  • Student Achievement Goal: All students will show improvement including at least a year of growth or reach their IEP Goals each year as measured by SLOs, SAGE, DIBELS, WIDA, ACT, graduation rates, etc. Each school will report their success annually.
    The North Sanpete School District is accepting bids on the following project:
                                        Bus Garage Addition
    2 x 4 Medal Siding and Metal Exterior Doors
    Match exiting roof
    2x4 wood studding
    Door hardware will be provided by district
    Vinyl Double Pane Window 4' x 3'
    Cut in Doorway from brick wall.
    Drawing are available at the North Sanpete School District Office,  (Claudia Christensen) 220 E. 700 S. Mt. Pleasant, UT  84647                              
    Contact Tod Hansen for further questions. (435) 469-2485.
    Bids will be accepted until noon July 6, 2017 at the North Sanpete School District Office, Attn: Claudia Christensen, 220 East 700 South, Mt. Pleasant, UT  84647.
    The North Sanpete School district reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.  All decision are final.