We will be collecting Box Tops and Labels for Education again. This is a contest between classes which begins Feb. 2 through Feb. 26th. Please (1) check the expiration dates on the box tops and cut them to size. (2) Cut out the whole UPC for Labels for Education.

Thank you for your contributions. The PTA uses the proceeds to buy "extra" items for our school. There are a handful of ways we can help the school earn money and other rewards like sports equipment, art supplies and educational resources, by the things we can collect. There are 2 Rewards Programs we are focusing on.  We will continue to have friendly competitions throughout the school year, so continue to send in what you have collected.

Here are the links you can enter on your computer to find out all of the products that participate in the Rewards Program.


It is amazing how many products we use daily who are participants in one of the three programs. Go to the web sites and get the list and start saving!  You can also look for their logo on the items you buy.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!






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