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Non-School-Sponsored Parent Notification

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Dear Parent,

This form is to notify you that _______________________________________________________________
                                                                                (List the name of the non-school-sponsored program on the line above)
is not sponsored by North Sanpete School District.

  1. Activities, clubs, groups and their associated fundraisers or other activities that are not school-sponsored or groups, clubs, sports, and programs that are not managed by district employees are deemed to be non-school-sponsored. Non-school-sponsored activities may:
    1. NOT use the school’s or district’s name without express district permission.
    2. NOT use the district’s facilities, equipment, and other assets or staff unless a facilities use agreement is initiated and approved.
    3. NOT utilize district employees (in their official capacity) and other resources to supervise, promote, and otherwise staff the activity or fundraiser.
    4. NOT be insured under the district’s insurance policy. Non-school sponsored activities must provide their own insurance through a third-party insurer.
    5. NOT provide additional district compensation or stipends for district employees.
    6. NOT co-mingle public funds and private fundraising proceeds or expenditures.
    7. NOT use school records to contact parents or students.

  2. Funds, donations, or gifts generated through non-school-sponsored activities or events may be donated to the district or to an individual school to support specific programs, teams, groups, clubs, etc. All donations or gifts shall follow the guidance established in the district’s donations and gifts policy.

  3. Non-school-sponsored activities may work in conjunction with the district or an individual school to raise funds.

  4. Non-curricular clubs are not considered school-sponsored.


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Parent Name: _____________________________________________________   Date: ________________

Parent Signature: ________________________________________________________________________