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Dear Parents,

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the fireworks at the end of the day on July 24th, I know that my summer is quickly coming to an end, and it is time to finalize plans for the start of school. I still get excited to think all of our students and staff will soon be walking through the front doors of our schools. As we get closer to the start of school, I hope you have enjoyed the past few months of summer and had time to reset in preparation for the new year.


Our district staff have been sending out reminders regarding online registration, the lunch program, and other announcements necessary to start school. Please take time to review and complete requests as necessary. Don’t hesitate to communicate with the district office of your school principal if you have questions. We are happy to help.  You can access our Back to School Flyer detailing how to prepare for the new school year by clicking here.

As you can imagine, it takes a great deal of training and preparation for our great staff to jump back into the new year. Trainings for many departments have already happened and this week will see us providing additional professional development for the teaching staff. We value our time together as we learn and grow. As part of this week of learning,  Jodi Carrington will be talking with our staff on Wednesday, August 10thWe have also provided an opportunity for you, as parents, to participate. She will be talking with our parents and community on the evening of August 10th at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. No cost, just a unique opportunity to join in the conversation about student success and health. We have provided a few incentives to make this an incredible event for everyone. Jodi is a busy presenter, so we are fortunate to have her with us in North Sanpete. Click here for more information about this event. I hope you will plan to attend.

The USDA waivers that allowed all students free meals in the past have expired. Students should come to school prepared to pay full price for breakfast and lunch unless you have 1. Received a notification from our office that your students have qualified for free or reduced-price meals due to receiving state assistance, or 2. You have filled out a free and reduced-price meal application (after July 1, 2022) and received notification that your students qualify for free or reduced-price meals. Our schools are also offering a second chance breakfast for any student that was not able to get breakfast before the school day started. Please check with your students’ school for details on the second chance breakfast. Only one breakfast and one lunch will be offered to each student daily. If your student comes in for an extra meal, they will be charged an adult price for the meal, that cost is $2.00 for breakfast and $3.50 for lunch.

Our district is still in need of staffing for several positions. Please see our district website for employment opportunities.  We would love to add to our district work family.  We get to work with amazing students and staff to “create conditions for learning so all students can succeed.”

As part of the district strategic plan, our district staff and parent community will be focused on the practice of good safety protocols. Reunification training through the I Love U Guys Foundation happened today. We are thrilled and feel fortunate to have experienced this exercise with a group of professionals. Along with that, we are committed to continually addressing the needs of our existing buildings for safety improvements but focusing on what we can control right now will be our goal. We have adopted the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) to bring us all together on the language we use and how we respond in different emergencies. We will be talking more about your role as well as keeping you informed as we practice each response. We are just finishing our website to include all the information for you, and I will send this to you as soon as it is ready to go in the next week. In the meantime, please use SafeUT or contact any administrator if you suspect a safety concern regarding our schools including suspicion of bullying or harassment. Our schools monitor all student and staff accounts using BARK. This program detects and alerts administration if unsafe language is being used. Also keep in mind that the Suicide Hotline has changed. It is now 988. Please use this number for anyone that may need immediate assist. Thank you for your support as we work to take care of each other.

North Sanpete School District will continue to partner with the Sanpete Food Pantry to support families in need. If you need their assistance or would like to help families in our area through support of the pantry, please see the flyer attached to this message.

If your family or your neighbor is in need of beds for family members, please see the attached information. Keep us posted if you need help in connecting to additional resources.

As part of the Utah State Board of Education’s Core Standards process, USBE conducts an Annual Core Standards Survey to get stakeholder feedback to help improve standards and supports.  The annual survey is now open until August 20th.  USBE appreciates your help.

School is scheduled to begin on August 18th. Our transportation department people have been working all summer to assure our buses are ready to roll, people are trained, and our new transportation program is ready for action. This new program will allow this department to design efficient bus routes to better serve families. We have equipped buses with outside cameras to help us record safety issues if they arise. The district transports hundreds of students each day and we need everyone’s help in getting them to school safely. Please watch for our children as they walk to school, as they wait for the bus, and always follow bus signals.

There are numerous ways to stay connected to school information. The district website, your school’s website, and all the social media options. Of course, if you have any questions, we appreciate a phone call. We are happy to help our families with their questions and concerns.

Stay safe and enjoy this week!

I hope to see you soon,