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22 July 2020


Dear Parents,

A veteran teacher recently talked to me about what it means to have students back in the classroom and learning from our strong and capable staff. He said it is a beautiful thing.  I agree. To have our students back to school safely is both developmentally healthy as well as academically sound.  This is what we do as educators, we take care of children.  

Your North Sanpete School Board met last night to finalize our reopening plans for the 2020-2021 school year.  The decision was made to open school for those students ready to return.  The Board also approved North Sanpete ONLINE as an educational option for those families that need more time returning and have legitimate concerns about sending their student back to the classroom. I realize there are circumstances that exist and decisions that need to made within individual families.  I respect your decision if online is your choice and plan to do my best to provide families curriculum and support that will meet their student’s needs during this temporary situation. I have provided more information about the online option at the bottom of this message to guide you in your decision. 

Our teachers love their students and are ready to connect with them.  As we move forward to open our doors on August 20th, we understand that there are real concerns regarding safety. Please know that every day at the district office and in every school the air is filled with conversations around safety. We are following the guidelines of our health department, State agencies and multiple associations that are directly working with schools to provide support.  Safety is extremely important to me and to you.  The State Board of Education provided all schools with “Planning Requirements for K-12 School Reopening”.  Our plan aligns with USBE and Central Utah Health Department recommendations.  The objectives for reopening is to provide safe school environments, continue to provide educational opportunities for students, maintain communication with our community of parents, students and staff, and to increase our support of student mental health needs.

Our school service departments such as transportation, food services, custodial support etc. are scheduled for training in the next two weeks.  We have ordered every variety of supply to support these departments as well as the teachers in the classroom to make it possible to open our doors.  Our high school activities are underway and have been practicing all summer while following the safety protocols established by district administrators in coordination with the health department.  We have held a summer school program in Moroni Elementary with success.  Realizing this is not identical to a full schedule in the Fall, it has been a good testing ground for our district.  I want to thank our Central Utah Health Department for guiding us through the past few months and remaining a strong partner with us.

As you know, the Governor’s Office announced the requirement for face masks in PK-12 schools. The health department and Governor’s office gave these directives and at this time this is where we stand until restrictions are lifted.  If using a mask at our schools protects our teachers and staff, reduces the number of COVID cases in our community and lowers the risk of moving a school to temporary dismissal, then this action is something I can support. Utah High School Athletics Association will allow all sanctioned sports and activities to be held as long as the guidelines and restrictions are satisfied. If this means wearing a mask so I can be present to applaud student accomplishments, with all circumstances considered, then I am in favor of doing my part.

So how do we prepare for the coming year?  Talk to your child, help them understand the simple steps they can practice now to keep safe in all situations. This includes how and when to wear a mask, washing their hands, using hand sanitizer and physical distancing. All good practices.

Every situation we face moving to our reopening is new territory. Let’s take this a step at a time, address each concern and work to take care of each other the best way possible.  Please take time to review the re-opening information included in this notification and the information on our new district website. I have reinstated the district Facebook account, Instagram and Twitter account. I will do my best to use these tools to send out valuable information and celebrate the incredible things happening in our schools.  We value the feedback we have received from our parents and staff as our reopening plan has developed and will continue to seek input as the year progresses.

Principals act as point of contact for their schools, but feel free to contact the district office if necessary. This is a strong community and we can make this work.

Nan Ault

North Sanpete School Reopening Plans and Information can be accessed through the following links:

North Sanpete School District Reopening Plan Overview includes TWO options:

At School Learning Option:

  • All students in school every day – full time
  • Parents perform daily wellness check before school begins
  • Practice physical distancing
  • Students, employees and visitors wear face masks
  • Bus students will be required to wear face mask and have assigned seating
  • Increased sanitizing routines in all areas of the school environment
  • IEP, 504 and medical plans will be reviewed and followed

North Sanpete ONLINE Option:

  • Students will remain enrolled in their primary school.
  • Elementary students will be assigned to a certified elementary teacher to facilitate online learning.
    • Curriculum will focus on math, reading, English, and science
    • Curriculum will be provided through Edgenuity Pathblazer via Canvas
    • Students may check out a device through their school
  • Secondary students will be assigned to a certified secondary teacher to facilitate online learning.
    • Facilitator will coordinate with counselor regarding courses assigned
    • Courses are provided through Edgenuity
    • Students will be allowed to keep issued iPad or check out a device
    • Online math tutoring will be available
  • Tutorials will be provided for Canvas
  • IEP, 504 and Medical plans will be reviewed and followed
  • Applications for North Sanpete Online will be available on July 27th and must be completed by August 14th