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I was reading an article this weekend by Stacy Kratz and Emma Smith on the ability of our children to bounce back.  This is what resiliency is; the ability to move forward through diversity with choices to improve the situation.  Compared to adults, this is a tall order for a child when their experiences are so limited.  As we move toward the opening of school, the conversations you have with your own children help to develop those resiliency skills.  Take time to talk with them about how they feel and how they can make reasonable choices for themselves as they enter school.  If they practice this type of awareness, they are developing resiliency.  Strategies may include staying active and being purposeful, which includes facing challenges and learning to work.  Resiliency practice includes finding a routine with time limits on tasks and most important, finding time to play and be social.

Obviously, there are choices we are making right now to keep ourselves and our families safe.  This includes the choice to physical distance when we are together, to wear a mask to protect others, washing our hands, and to stay at home if we are sick.  These choices build our ability to move forward.

As school approaches, there are still many conversations that are taking place with many opinions and concerns.  All voices are important and there is not one landing point where we will all agree.  There is one thing we do agree on, our children deserve our attention, they require an education and we have a responsibility to make sure children in our community have their needs met. 

The health departments from around the State released a COVID-19 School Handbook.  There is an update to the language that is coming, so know that it will evolve as we practice these guidelines.  I will send you the updates as they are released.  This is a long document, but will keep you informed as a parent.  You can find this handbook on our website and at  undefined

I intend to keep you informed as much as possible these next few weeks. The principal at your school is your first point of contact for any questions and concerns you may have.  Our administrators are incredible professionals and they are anxious to make this year a positive and safe experience for every child.  Individual school plans will be coming to parents in the next week so you know what to expect.

I love this community and feel honored to serve our children and staff.

Please take care and I hope to see you soon,

Nan Ault


North Sanpete School District