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8 September 2020

Dear Parents,

Educators are also learners.

   As learners, we are most productive when we have a focus and common language to direct our work. This year, teachers and administrators are working together to develop skills for blended learning, improve our instructional strategies, and to develop an awareness of the mental health of our students and staff. As we move through this year, I will talk to you about some aspect of our progress; working to include you as we move along.

   Right now, let’s talk about mental health and the development of trauma-informed schools. This development includes understanding the language and the research that guides our work as educators to better support students. It is all about creating peace and closing the achievement gap for all students that need support. So what is the common language of trauma-informed? Part of this is teaching students and staff to take care of themselves; reaching out when circumstances escalate and emotional support is needed. This action requires courage, but it is how we change a culture and attitude to include vulnerability.

   Another part of creating trauma-informed schools is to develop an understanding of how
adverse childhood experiences affects a student’s ability to learn and participate in their social world. Students affected by trauma demonstrate emotional and behavioral difficulties to learning. Furthermore, trauma can adversely affect cognitive and academic skills. Understanding childhood trauma also helps our schools re-evaluate strategies and programs to support students experiencing high levels of anxiety or just moments of poor behavior. Our ability to pause and evaluate where the behavior is coming from rather than be over-react
increases trust, connection, structure, and positive solutions.

   If you are interested in learning more about adverse childhood experiences (ACES), the
following website, https://acestoohigh.com, is a good place to start. Our willingness to talk about mental health in our community, develop common language and design healthy strategies to support students is the way forward in hope and increased academic progress.  Keep taking care of each other and thank you for your support.

Have a fantastic and safe week,


p.s. You are doing a Good Job! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkDNp4ATCso