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Dear Parents and Guardians,

October is a busy month for many reasons and in the world of education, it represents colder weather, harvesting crops, racking leaves, the end of the academic quarter, State sporting events, Fall break and a holiday.

It is also the month that we draw attention to anti-bullying and anti-cyberbullying in our community. We as adults carry a major responsibility to prevent bullying and to promote a positive culture in our homes and our schools. In the simplest way, you can make a difference just by setting expectations for device use in your home, monitoring your student’s activities on social media, and reporting to your school administration when you notice that there are signs of bullying at your school. Bullying has a specific definition and is beyond the random mistakes that children make in their daily encounters and activities, so your ability to talk to your child about problems and addressing them together makes the biggest difference. These discussions will help you make a decision about the seriousness of various relationship challenges and how to formulate a plan to find a resolution. Searching for the source of the problem and treating each other with respect changes how our students feel about their space, how they feel about others that are different than they are and develops trust in those that are available to help.  We have the ability as adults to model how we talk to each other in person and how we approach our social media discussions. Remember, children learn what they live. Reach out if you need help, stay positive and work with us to create a culture of support in North Sanpete. 

I sound like a broken record, but I need to stay with this important message.  Please encourage your student to wear a mask while at school and social distance when feasible.  This routine is keeping our schools open and limiting our problems with COVID.  The mask is especially necessary if your student rides the bus.  I will continue to remind our school staff to stay the course as well.  All our efforts are worth it.

Thank you for taking care of your children and helping us keep our schools safe. Remember that Fall Break begins on October 15th with students returning to school on October 20th

Be safe and take care of each other,