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Our district staff will be investigating in the upcoming months what EQUITY means in our education community. Equity is many things, but for professional educators, it includes our efforts to “speak to students with warmth and caring, ensuring that comments they receive from us are free of bias.”  This comment, more than ever before, brings us back to what we value.  North Sanpete educators and staff are those individuals that love and care for students, greet them with warmth and peace regardless of the student’s educational circumstances or the events taking place in our society. Schools are places of safety, which provide security, tolerance, encouragement and happiness. This is a good place to focus our attention and to begin our week together.

Vaccinations for staff will begin this week.  I am working with Central Utah Health Department and our nursing staff to coordinate the administration.  It will take us a few weeks to vaccinate all staff that have requested one.  From the discussion that has taken place with our state leaders, masks are still going to be a required part of our safety protocols for the foreseeable future.  Our staff will continue to practice safety routines in an effort to keep our community safe and our schools open.

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday will begin for students on Friday, January 15th.  They will return to school on Tuesday, January 19th

School Board meeting will be held on the evening of January 19th.  Community members may attend through a Zoom link.  Please visit the district website to request an invitation.

The COVID-19 dashboard has been updated.  I will work to update this information more often, but keep in mind it is based on the information that is available through school point-of-contacts and our health department.  It is an on-going and dynamic effort to keep the information up to date and is influenced by community exposures and quarantines. 

I appreciate the efforts of the NSHS Student Body Officers to host a district-wide food drive for our local pantry.  They have involved each school and have had immense success each year in providing much needed support for those in need.  Well done and GO HAWKS!

There are times we take for granted the commitment and dedication that is required by those that serve in our community.  One such group is our school board members.  If you see them out and about, please offer an elbow handshake or a fist bump and thank them for their passion for education and their devotion to taking care of our district.

Please take care and enjoy your week,