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Dear Parents,

A friend sent me this message over the weekend, and I thought I would share this with you.  It is the start of February, a month that we express our love to those closest to us.  It is also a time we give thanks to our school counselors.  They are those individuals in our schools that show their care and support for our students every day.  We have added student support over the past several years and we are seeing more need for their experience and dedication than ever before as we face very difficult situations.

As we take the time to show thoughtful patience and kindness toward each other and those we serve, that we will experience the same in return. Below, is a short video clip that, as the news reporter acknowledges, depicts true “class, grace and empathy”. He notes that we all are “thirsty for (these) examples”.  I wholeheartedly agree, and want to express my thanks to all our strong parents and to our incredible staff at North Sanpete School District.


The dashboard has been updated and thanks for sticking to our safety routines.  They are working.  We are still testing our extracurricular students at the secondary level and there are still limitations on spectators, but we are still in the game and our students district-wide are working hard.

Participating employees will receive their Covid-19 booster shot next week.  This adds to our safety measures to protect staff and our school community.  Thanks again to our nurses and the health department for their service.

The President’s Day vacation will begin for students and staff on February 12th with everyone returning to school on February 16th

Stay healthy and think SNOW!