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From now until the end of the year, we will have the opportunity to watch our students at every level perform.  This is the time year for school drama performances, musical concerts and art competitions, and other related school activities.  School calendars will begin to fill with these valuable experiences for students and as parents, we love to be there. You will see our school administrators provide protocols so we can all attend safely, and we are fortunate to begin to open the doors of the school to allow us to participate in person.  It is an amazing thing to walk through the halls of our schools and see the creative work of our children.

In support of our talented students, I have included information regarding the value of arts in our schools.  North Sanpete School District recognizes the value of art education and the impact this opportunity provides our students. We value the voices of our community in support of this essential part of a child’s development and will continue to strive for strong programs.




Thank you to teachers of art and humanities.  Your talents and commitment are appreciated.

Enjoy your week and your long weekend.  President’s Day vacation begins Friday, February 12th with students returning on Tuesday, February 16th.

Be safe,