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The next best thing…
This is phrase I have used with my own children as well as those wonderful, impulsive teenagers that I worked with at the high school.  This is a phrase that keeps you present, but also helps you move onto what is next with a bit of confidence.  It is a phrase that gives you control of your circumstance.  What is done is done. What is next? We get to decide. I have included a picture from my latest read….one step at a time. Thanks for taking the journey together and making good things happen.

It looks like winter decided to make an appearance.  The snow conditions are here to stay for at least another week, so now is the time to turn on your winter driving tactics.  Please watch for the buses moving down the road and give them the distance they need to get our students to school safely.  This is also a reminder for you to take your time getting to school if you are driving students to school or you have a student that is driving.  We forget what it is like to have continuous snow days.  One more thing….the school floors are slick when shoes are wet.  Please remind your student to wipe their feet well when they enter their school.  We forget what it is like to have snow on our shoes.  Dress warm and be careful!

As students and staff approach this wintry week, the end of February, and the many weeks to Spring Break, keep in mind that the greatness you pour into your work each day will position you for tomorrow.  Look up into the midst of what you do, lift your head and see the beauty in what you’ve accomplished.  It is incredible.

There are many State competitions that take place in the month of February.  If you check into NSHS social media, you will see the success.  Congrats to our North Sanpete students!

The district will finish with the second round of vaccinations this week. Again, thanks to our school nurses and the health department for their commitment to our school community.  This is a great project to get out of the way and creates that additional layer of safety that we need in our classrooms.  Keep with the routine….it is working.

Board meeting will take place tonight at 7 p.m.  You may participate through Zoom.  Register at the North Sanpete website (nsanpete.org).

Have a safe week,

The Next Best Step Picture