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In the middle of last year, shortly before we went into quarantine, the district was fortunate to hire a social worker to collaborate with our student support team and develop a parent outreach program.  This was a game changer for us.  We now refer to this person as our parent/ student support coordinator.  The responsibilities are many, but most important, it is an avenue to connect parents with resources they may need to better help their child in the school environment.  I have witnessed this team member make trips to the food pantry, help parents interpret information received from schools, and create lasting relationships with families.  This extension of student services supports the importance of our relationship with one another.  This week we celebrate social workers in our schools and their role in taking care of all individuals. 


While we are celebrating, it is important to thank those members of our maintenance staff that take care of our school property.  We could not function without their skills and commitment to our district.  These individuals have a long list of to-do’s each day and still respond to every urgent request by our employees. In short, our schools function because of their hard work.

Our partnership with the Gear Up program has been going strong for many years.  It has provided students with valuable college experiences and supports our secondary teachers with needed materials for their classrooms.  We appreciate our coordinator and value the work that has been invested.  I have attached a link to the recent USUSTARS Gear Up Newsletter so that you can get a glimpse of the benefits for our students.

Students will not be in school on Monday, March 15th.  This is a time for our teachers to meet as grade level teams and departments to coordinate their work and prepare for the last few months of school.  Thank you for supporting them.

Spring Break is March 29th – April 2nd.

Schools continue to work to stay healthy and appreciation goes out to all parents, students, teachers, staff and administration for maintaining safe routines.   I have updated the dashboard and added any new COVID information to our district website.  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns.

Final thoughts…I added a clip of Jason Mraz singing and the lyrics to “Have it ALL”. I was told that this is the song that this great teacher chose for a school flag ceremony last year, right before we moved into soft closure because of the pandemic. The words are fitting and relatable as we think about what all of us want for our great students, our educators and support personnel, each other, and our own families. 


Enjoy this week and be safe,