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Dear Parents,

Yesterday, Governor Cox announced that districts could lift the mask mandate the last week of school.  Speaking with our school board members it has been decided to follow this mandate and end the mask requirement for North Sanpete Schools on Friday, May 21st.

There are many opinions regarding this new timeline and I hope you trust that my conversations with other superintendents, local and state public health officials as well as our USBE representatives includes a voice from all sides of this issue.  The reality is that right now North Sanpete is still struggling with positive cases so we have more urgency to get all our school members to the end of the year safely.  So, I am asking that you do your best to encourage your student to attend school each day to the end of the year and wear a mask through next week. 

We have five more days with the mask requirement. Our good teachers and administrators will continue with their healthy routines and keep the final two weeks of school positive for everyone.  With that, we encourage you to keep your child home if they are sick. The district will have access to COVID tests if there are individuals that may need to be tested and we will follow the quarantine guidelines outlined by the health department.  The final testing event for our extracurricular students will be held Monday, May 17th.   We will not be testing students the final week of school. 

We are at the end.  We can see it and feel it.  I hope to celebrate with each of you at every end-of-year event as we welcome the last day of a very challenging, but successful school year.

Thank you for your support,