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Dear Parents,

This year our district is focusing on the investment we are making in our work, our connections to each other, and our future as an organization.  My encouragement to our amazing district staff members is to invest in their physical and mental health, their interests, and their families.  First things first.  Next is the investment that we, as employees of North Sanpete, make in our work.  Regardless of the position we hold, there is always a way to progress and ways to contribute.  This investment is true for our connection to each other.  Every decision we make from moment to moment, has an impact on our school culture.  We have the ability to impact our classrooms, schools, and district in a positive or negative way.  I hope you will join me in investing….in your families, in your child’s school, and your community.  Thank you!


O’Dee Hansen, our Assistant Superintendent, brought the Niffler Award to our district staff.  Each school and district department makes a choice on which employee deserves to be celebrated each week.  You may have seen these Niffler Awards posted on various school media sites.  It has been so much fun to give each other a high five for a job well done.  Watch for other Niffler Awards as we move through the year.  Thanks to Mr. Hansen for investing in the positive.  We appreciate you.

If you spend any time in our elementary and middles schools, you may notice that our teachers have a lanyard that they wear around their neck.  This is an Audio Enhancement device.  It allows the voice of our teachers to be amplified in a unique way so that all students can hear instructions regardless of where the teacher is in the room.  It also allows the teacher to alert administration if there is a serious concern in their classroom or around the school.  And to top it all off, this system has given many of our schools an improved school bell system.  The work to install Audio Enhancement in all our schools was a huge investment in time for our maintenance and technology staff.  We appreciate their efforts. 

I am in continual communication with our local health department and state superintendents as we work with our current COVID situation.  I post all current COVID information on our district website.  If there is any change to our directives or a critical change to our status, I will not hesitate to inform parents.  At this point, guidance comes directly from our local health department unless the state issues an Executive Order, which they have not at this point.  Our goal from day to day is to keep with our safety protocols.  Your help is needed by keeping your student home if they show any symptoms of illness or if you have had an exposure at home.  This is our best defense in keeping our COVID numbers low.  Masks are welcome and encouraged.  Please let your principal know if you need a mask or if you have any questions.  We are in this together!

I hope this week is fantastic for you and your family,