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I feel like I am on the old white roller coaster at Lagoon.  You sit deep in the seat as they lock you in and hold on as you round the corner and take the steep climb.  From the top, you begin to see the view of what is ahead and feel the rush as you accelerate down to the bottom.  For the district, the climb happened this summer. It can be steep at times, and we are still climbing through this week as we finish our preparations for students.  The rush happens as we load students on buses, enter our well-prepared classrooms, and teachers are able to do what they do best, educate children.  We are thrilled to be back and hope that you feel exhilaration of this time of year. 

Your administrators are the lead on getting their own school information and schedule to their parents.  On a district level, you should have received a return-to-school checklist to help you navigate the back-to-school process. Please be sure to reach out to school secretaries, administrators or call the district office so we can assist you.  We have added resources to our district website to help with the registration process including information related to transportation.

With school starting on Thursday of this week, there are still questions related to COVID and school safety.  I recently sent out the guidelines from our state and local health departments related to school opening.  Currently, they are directing how we manage COVID in our schools.  As you know, at this point, the law will not allow us to require masks for students and staff, they are however, welcome and recommended, especially for those that are unvaccinated. Governor Cox recently sent out a letter to districts outlining his plan to provide each student with a KN95 mask.  We will make sure those are distributed to schools as soon as they arrive and make those available to those that would like one.  We have scheduled a vaccination clinic for August 26th and will send out a notification of this event.  You can view the most recent notification regarding vaccinations from Central Utah Public Health Department and I encourage you to visit Utah State Department of Health for more information regarding COVID and our schools.

I understand that this is a challenging time for families as they make a decision on how to manage the choice to return and the safety of their student.  We do support you and will continue to do our part.  As a district, our ultimate goal is for all students to return to the classroom every day.  As we progress toward this goal, I hope you will stand strong with us and support us.  Consistent attendance is the leading factor in student success.  Our school staff want to see your student each day, advance their learning, and care for them.  Although we strongly encourage in-person learning for our students, we do have an NS Online option. Please refer to our NS Online page for more information.

Social media is powerful, and my goal is to share more of what makes us strong and unique.  We have much to celebrate and it needs to be shared with all of you.  If you have not visited our district website, take a look and sign up with the social media for the district and your student’s school.  It is an incredible way to stay involved.

As part of the Utah State Board of Education’s Standards Review Process, USBE staff administers a survey annually to collect feedback on our current core standards.  They are seeking feedback from educators, parents, students, community leaders, etc.  You may access this survey through this link.

I will see you around and wish you a positive start to the school year.

Best regards,