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Dear Parents,

The mission of North Sanpete School District is to create conditions for learning for all students. With such a powerful statement of responsibility, it is essential that we evaluate what those conditions are and how we can continue to progress as a community.  We were fortunate last Spring to receive a planning grant from USBE that is allowing us to investigate the strategies of personalized and competency-based learning (PCBL).  Our efforts to better understand student learning began years ago with our strong teaching staff working together to clarify our essential learning standards.  This work is still in progress and teachers continue to collaborate about student learning in their grade-level teams as well as departments.  Both of these efforts are the foundation of student learning.

Right now, we are working with a PCBL committee and planning team that is directing our conversations as we build capacity for understanding how competency-based learning can support our students and teachers. Each Board meeting, I present a piece of the PCBL framework and identify conditions for learning. As we move forward through this year, there will be opportunities for various focus groups, visits to other schools that have more experience with PCBL and working to establish the understanding necessary to create positive actions for upcoming years.  For our younger grade levels, parents might see a new approach to reporting student learning. We are working through this process of change, so thanks for your patience. Along with this, our elementary schools have also moved to trimester terms to align with assessments and data review. We hope this helps us improve the way we coordinate as a district and the service we provide to you as parents. Just like you, we improve by making informed goals and taking action.

Central Utah Public Health Department will hold a Pfizer COVID vaccine clinic for ages 5 to 11 years old on Wednesday, November 17th from 2:30 to 4:00 pm at Mt. Pleasant Elementary. If you choose to have your student(s) participate, please follow the COVID 19 vaccine signs when you arrive at the school. Please be respectful as the school will be holding parent teacher conferences during this time.  You will be asked to wait for 15 minutes following vaccine administration, to monitor for a reaction.  You must click on the following link to register for the vaccine and enter Registration Code: 1117MTPLEASANT.

The Utah Department of Health is sharing the attached COVID-19: Response Report detailing caseloads and vaccination rates among Utah's school-aged children, COVID-19 related hospital and ICU capacity, and monoclonal antibody treatments. This report provides a high-level overview of where we are as a state in these key areas. The report can be found in the blue box at The report is also available in Spanish at

We also encourage you to visit where you can find a searchable database for information on individual schools throughout the state as well as additional information on caseloads, vaccinations, testing, hospitalizations, and more. This webpage now includes the number of vaccines administered to children ages 5-11. You may wish to visit your local health department or local school district COVID-19 dashboards for information on cases in your local schools. 

You can look forward to Thanksgiving Break from November 24th to 26th.  School will resume Monday, November 29th.

I know that our principals and teachers are appreciative of your efforts to keep your students in school.  It does make a difference when they are with us, and we love having them in class.  Your children are why we are educators. Thank you for this privilege.

Take care,


No. 2 School Attendance