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Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Many years ago, when I was a mother of young children, my little ones would look forward to the holiday break and I must admit that by the end, I looked forward to sending them back to school. To be honest, they were anxious to be back with their friends and teachers. This was a true testament for me of the value of schools, community, and the many individuals that work together to care for children. I am grateful for everyone that helped me raise and educate my children, and as educators in the North Sanpete School District, we are also excited to see students walk through the doors of our schools this first week of 2022. 


A few things to keep in mind as students return. There has been a good amount of snow and many of our roads have not melted off or been cleared thoroughly. Please watch for children as you travel around in the mornings and the afternoons. If you have teenage drivers, this would be a good time to remind them to drive carefully and make good choices. Our staff has worked to clear sidewalks and parking lots, but caution is needed. Just take care and stay warm!

January is a time to assess our elementary students for middle of the year progress. Our teaching staff work as grade level teams to review this information for every celebration as well as look at those areas that may still need attention. This data gives us a good snapshot of how well programs are working and gives us insight into the direction we need to take as a district. With that said, we need our students in class as much as possible. Please help us reach our goal to have all students in school every day. This can be said of our secondary students as well.  There is much to do during these winter months and as educators, we want all students to have every opportunity to progress. Thank you for your help! 

Just a reminder that students will not be in school January 14th or January 17th.  The 17th is a holiday, and our teachers are taking the 14th to participate in professional learning. It is no secret that Tom Schimmer is coming to North Sanpete to address our teaching staff.  He is well known for working with educators to help them better understand why and how we assess student learning. His work with us will help us build capacity in understanding how to measure competencies and address interventions for students. I am excited to have Tom come to our area and thank you for allowing teachers to learn together.

Covid is still here for the new year, and you may have heard, there have been changes to quarantine protocol. I have attached a copy of this document that we will be following in our health district. Our nurses and administrators are aware and please reach out if you have any questions. We will continue to offer COVID testing at the learning center on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.  To schedule an appointment, please click on the Google Calendar link and select one of the small gray boxes.  Follow the instructions in the description of the ‘book an appointment’ window.  You may also call our district office at 435-462-2485 to schedule the appointment.

I wish all of you the best for the new year. Thank you for making North Sanpete a fantastic place to live and raise children.

Best regards,