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Dear Parents,

It seems like every day is filled with new information, conversations, and collaboration. We are doing our best to get the latest COVID information out to you regarding guidelines and allowed changes provided by our Governor and State Health agencies.  The latest challenge is the possible reduced access to COVID tests.  Our district has secured what tests are available to us which will allow us to continue our weekly testing schedule and address individual school testing needs, but we are not sure how long this supply will last.  We will provide testing for as long as possible.  The shortage has also affected the test-to-stay requirement, so the Governor has suspended the test-to-stay protocol until legislators can weigh in, but this new directive does allow schools to implement remote learning days over the next couple of weeks if needed.  Keep in mind that we can only make decisions based on what we know. This means that I will be checking with our school nurses and administrators regularly to monitor individual school status and absence levels for staff and students.  Communication is the key.

Central Utah Public Health is hosting a vaccination clinic today at our district office from 2:30 to 4:00 pm.  It is not too late to register.  Click the following link to register and use the following code:
Registration Code: 118NSanpete

There are many reasons to celebrate in our district. If you look around, our teachers, staff and administrators are dedicated professionals that care deeply for children, our coaches and advisors are working to provide exceptional experiences for students, and we have school board members that are committed to serving our community. January is the month to recognize our school board members for their work with our district. They are a strong team. I extend my appreciation to them.

North Sanpete School District has added an Instructional Coach to our team. Mickel Holder is now working as our new Elementary Computer Science Instructional Coach.  This position is part of a four-year grant to embed computer science curriculum and experiences into our classroom routines. She will be a valuable part of the support we provide to our teachers and students. Take a look at our latest Coaching Corner for more information about her work and the work of our instructional coaching team.

Stay healthy and safe,

The time is always right to do what is right” - Martin Luther King Jr.