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The best way to accomplish any goal and to progress in our work together is develop a strong strategic plan. This requires a design of intentional steps forward to assure we have a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished and the reasons why we are taking this journey. Education professionals are natural learners, so it makes sense that we are consistently looking at the best strategies for students, teaching staff, and school environments.

 In many of the newsletters this year, I have mentioned our initial investigation into personalized competency-based education (PCBL). Our district received a grant from the State Office of Education this year to build capacity in understanding PCBL and how the strategies of PCBL could benefit our students. Our NSSD School Board and district administrators have been participating in their own book studies this year to better understand how we could benefit from PCBL. If you are unfamiliar with PCBL, the basics are simple; teachers working with other teachers to best serve student needs, strong interventions, and opportunities for students to extend learning, a clear understanding of what we want students to learn (essential standards), and a variety of methods and opportunities for measuring learning. PCBL is student-centered, with a focus on student understanding and allowing them to participate in their own learning progress.

Our goal is to step into the development of PCBL with the idea that it will take years to fully implement. This is wise. There is much for us to understand as educators and work to be done in order to embed strategies into our classrooms. Although PCBL is not new to students around the country and many districts in our state are further along in the implementation, it is a process that takes intentional and long-term planning to make it work effectively.

Our next step is to develop a strategic plan to implement PCBL over the next several years. Our administrators and a group of teachers will be working with Marzano Research to design this timeline and strategic plan for North Sanpete. We value the voices of our staff members and our parents, so we would like to invite you to take a short survey that will give us direction on how to prioritize our steps moving forward. I would ask that you complete this attached survey by April 1st.  The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and provides you an opportunity to provide comments if you choose. You can find out more information about PCBL by visiting the USBE PCBL Framework. Thank you for your help.

Spring Break begins on March 28th with students returning to school on April 4th.

I have included a few attachments related to various events and opportunities taking place around our community. I encourage you to take a few minutes to see if anything interests you.

I appreciate your support.

Be safe,

PCBL Parent Survey

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