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Dear Parents,

As you visit any of our great schools, you might see many adults moving around, taking care of students for any number of reasons. This is expected. Not only are teachers busy in the classroom, but our paraprofessionals including our library assistants work with teachers to develop schedules to support student interventions, supervise during free time, and to provide each child with an opportunity to engage in library resources. Many of our paraprofessionals are trained to assist students with special needs as they work in the classroom. My appreciation goes out to them, and I hope that if you know one of these incredible individuals, you offer your thanks as well.

I hope your child has talked to you about the Stand4Kind presentations that have been happening in our district. These are impactful messages that engage our students in the power of kindness, tolerance, and safety for all students. These are goals that we work to achieve every day.

There is a request from our Six County partners to inform you of an optional survey designed for residents who are caring for a dementia patient. They are asking six county residents to respond to a survey to help the area agency meet their needs. All answers will remain anonymous. The deadline for taking the survey is April 6. The survey link is included with the attached flyer

The State is scaling back on their Coronavirus response. Steady State, Steady Advice is Utah’s current set of transition steps that you can expect to see beginning March 31st.

Take Care,

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