NSSD Vision


Our Mission: Creating conditions for learning, so all students can succeed.

Our Vision for key stakeholders:

  • Teachers - create a nurturing learning environment of active engaged learners, regularly attend school, and are a good example for their students through professional and ethical behavior. Teachers also plan and carry out effective instruction using a variety of learning activities so all students can learn at their individual level.
  • Students - pay attention to their teacher, attend school regularly, and complete assignments. Students also ask clarifying questions, complete their homework, and get along with others.
  • Parents - ensure students come to school regularly, ready to learn. Parents also help with homework, read daily with their child and support teachers, coaches, directors and officials in conversations at home.
  • School District Staff - are technically competent, trustworthy and friendly. These employees are also hard working, good examples for students.
  • School leaders - create a shared vision, understand student needs and are helpful. Leaders are good examples for students and solve problems by collaborating with parents, teachers and the community.
  • Goals 2015

  • Instructional Goal: At least 90% of teachers will meet or exceed an effective rating on the Utah Teaching Standards as measured by the North Sanpete School District Teacher Evaluation System (NSES). A percentage of teachers reaching effective or higher will be reported annually.
  • Student Achievement Goal: All students will show improvement including at least a year of growth or reach their IEP Goals each year as measured by SLOs, SAGE, DIBELS, WIDA, ACT, graduation rates, etc. Each school will report their success annually.
  • Mount Pleasant Elementary History Fair Winners

    Primary Divison (5th Grade)

    Historical Paper

    Seth W. 2nd place

    Keenan S. 3rd place

    Individual Website

    Micah B. 2nd place

    Wil B. 3rd place

    Group Exhibit

    T.K. A. and Billy S. 1st place

    Lance P. and Eric N. 2nd place

    Alex B. and Tavin C. 3rd place

    Group Performance

    Landon O., Drake J., Kanyon H., Ryder D., Samantha B. 1st place


    Junior Division (6th grade going to state)

    Historical Paper

    Rachael J. 1st place

    Eryn B. 2nd place

    Carson H. 3rd place

    Individual Exhibit

    Hunter P. 3rd place

    Group Exhibit

    Mckenna M., Hailey C., Marysa L. 1st place

    Cenna B., Jessica D. 2nd place

    Colbey T., Gavin I. 3rd place

    Individual Documentary

    Gideon P. 1st place

    Group Documentary

    Landon B., Dylan F. 1st place

    Individual Website

    Mary J. 1st place

    Kolbe W. 2nd place

    Jason S. 3rd place

    Group Website

    Andy M., Morgan B. 1st place

    Kaitlyn C., Malorie H., Sandy S. 2nd place

    Mrs. Hollee Anderson's static electricity lesson at Mount Pleasant Elementary


    Jade and static electricity


    Jake and static electricity


    Lydia and static electricity

    Mount Pleasant Elementary Spelling Bee Winners


    The Reading Thunderbirds of Fairview Elementary!

    FE Students 2015

    Moroni teachers and students supported our troops by wearing their jeans and donating $5.00 for rehabilitation of veterans. 


    In October 2014, North Sanpete school district stakeholders were invited to participate in a survey to help the school board prepare a vision statement. This vision statement will guide district leadership by defining expected roles for various stakeholder groups, to include teachers, students, leadership, and parents.

    Invitations to take the survey were sent to parents and employees via email. Students were invited to take the survey at school. Non-parent patrons were invited by distributing hundreds of invitations at various local businesses. Responses included:

    574 total participants took the survey 240 were students
    216 were parents
    9 were non-parent patrons

    27 were classified employees of the district
    69 were certified employees of the district (teachers) 10 were district leaders
    200+ open-ended comments were also received

    Student priorities ranking highest included regular attendance at school, paying attention to the teacher and completing assignments; with homework completion not far behind.

    Parent priorities ranking highest included ensuring regular student attendance, ensuring students come to school prepared to learn and helping with homework; with reading daily with their child not far behind.

    School Staff priorities ranking highest included technical competence, trustworthiness and friendliness; with hard working and being a good example not far behind.

    Teacher priorities led with creating a nurturing learning environment, followed by regular attendance at school and profession, ethical and legal behavior / good example for students; with plans and carries out effective instruction so all students are learning at their level and using a variety of learning activities not far behind.

    School leader priorities ranking highest included creating a shared vision, understanding student needs and helpfulness; followed by solving problems and collaborating with parents, teachers and the community.

    For more detail, Read full results here.