NSSD Vision


Our Mission: Creating conditions for learning, so all students can succeed.

Our Vision for key stakeholders:

  • Teachers - create a nurturing learning environment of active engaged learners, regularly attend school, and are a good example for their students through professional and ethical behavior. Teachers also plan and carry out effective instruction using a variety of learning activities so all students can learn at their individual level.
  • Students - pay attention to their teacher, attend school regularly, and complete assignments. Students also ask clarifying questions, complete their homework, and get along with others.
  • Parents - ensure students come to school regularly, ready to learn. Parents also help with homework, read daily with their child and support teachers, coaches, directors and officials in conversations at home.
  • School District Staff - are technically competent, trustworthy and friendly. These employees are also hard working, good examples for students.
  • School leaders - create a shared vision, understand student needs and are helpful. Leaders are good examples for students and solve problems by collaborating with parents, teachers and the community.
  • Goals 2015

  • Instructional Goal: At least 90% of teachers will meet or exceed an effective rating on the Utah Teaching Standards as measured by the North Sanpete School District Teacher Evaluation System (NSES). A percentage of teachers reaching effective or higher will be reported annually.
  • Student Achievement Goal: All students will show improvement including at least a year of growth or reach their IEP Goals each year as measured by SLOs, SAGE, DIBELS, WIDA, ACT, graduation rates, etc. Each school will report their success annually.
  • School will be dismissed at 12 noon on Wednesday, November 25th and there will be no school on Thursday, November 26th or Friday, November 27th.  

    Also, please remember to turn in your Pampered Chef order by December 1st.


    On November 21 at 9:00 a.m., North Sanpete Middle School FBLA will sponsor a 5k Run/Walk to raise funds and needed supplies to help with homeless teen services in Utah. All funds & supplies will be donated to the Volunteers of America UTAH, who provide a safe place for homeless teens to come in off the streets and get basic need items.

    The FBLA will also be accepting needed supplies for homeless teens from those that wish to donate additional items. A supply drive will continue into the next week and end November 25th.

    For More Information and Registration, please visit FallFun5kRun.weebly.com


     It is Red Ribbon Week next week at the elementary!  It is a great time to talk with your children about bullying, staying drug free, and making healthy choices. 

    We are celebrating by doing some dressing up for the week.

    Monday, Oct 26th – Students will be given a red ribbon bracelet to wear for the week.  Students can bring their own from home if they want, but we will provide the bracelet for the week.

    Tuesday, Oct 27th– Wear Red & White!  It’s our day to talk about staying drug and alcohol free!

    Wednesday, Oct 28th – Wear your favorite super hero/character shirt.  We will be talking about standing up for each other and fighting against bullying.

    Thursday, Oct 29th – Wear your favorite sport team shirt or hat.  We will be talking about how our school is a team and how we have to work together to make our school a happy place!

    Friday, Oct 30th – HALLOWEEN!!!  Parents can come to the school to dress their students at 12:45.  Please DO NOT send your student to school in their costume.  We will be teaching a normal morning schedule.  Dressing will be from 12:45 to 1:15.  The kindergarten (all kindergarten students come at 1:00 already dressed that day) will start the parade to the bus at 1:20.  They will parade through the school hallway out the front door to the bus.  The bus will take us to Cache Valley Bank for our normal walking route.  All students will be bussed to the bank in grade level order.  The bus will then load the students at the red church to return them back to school after the parade.  If you want to check your student out early, you will need to come to the school and sign them out.  We will NOT be checking students out at the church.  All children will need to ride back to the school on the bus from the church.

    The parade will go from 1:30 to approximately 2:45.  The route will be from Cache Valley Bank to the pharmacy, west to city hall, north across the street Wells Fargo, east to Rodgers and across the street, south past the library and to the red church.

    Thanks for your support!



    The North Sanpete High School Unified Track Team

    Back row: Austin Brewer, Randi Stewart (coach), Jacie Dunn, Cami Hathaway (coach), Jackson Blackhurst, Ignacio Vasquez

    Middle row: Casey Guymon, Erika Oveson, Anna King


    Front: Copper Rosenlund

     United Track

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    Fountain Green Elementary held their history fair on January 29th.  The theme for this years competition is "Leadership and Legacy."  The 5th and 6th grade students all participated.  They were judged at the school level and we had 23 qualify for the region competition at Snow College on March 19, 2015.  The projects were wonderful. Congratulations to all the winners and region qualifiers.


    Fifth grade winners

    1st place- Jada Bailey

    2nd place- Shelby Wilson

    3rd place- Julia Bailey and Kalon Bailey



    Click on image for full size. 


    Sixth grade winners

    1st place- Jared Strait and Jaron Peckham

    2nd place- Taylor Gilgen

    3rd place- Josie Wright

    5th grade winners


    Click on image for full size


    Region Qualifiers

    Jada Bailey, Shelby Wilson, Julia Bailey, Denali Mower, Tayson Reid, Alyssa Samuels, Shayley Fausett, Clayton Davis, Ty Roach, Ryan Draper, Caleb Ivory, Anna Bailey, Jared Strait, Jaron Peckham, Taylor Gilgen, Josie Wright, Gage Cox, Shaelynn Johnson, Ronin Strong, Kaysen Sperry, Wylie Cook, Ben Anderson.

    photo 3




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    Moroni teachers and students supported our troops by wearing their jeans and donating $5.00 for rehabilitation of veterans. 


    In October 2014, North Sanpete school district stakeholders were invited to participate in a survey to help the school board prepare a vision statement. This vision statement will guide district leadership by defining expected roles for various stakeholder groups, to include teachers, students, leadership, and parents.

    Invitations to take the survey were sent to parents and employees via email. Students were invited to take the survey at school. Non-parent patrons were invited by distributing hundreds of invitations at various local businesses. Responses included:

    574 total participants took the survey 240 were students
    216 were parents
    9 were non-parent patrons

    27 were classified employees of the district
    69 were certified employees of the district (teachers) 10 were district leaders
    200+ open-ended comments were also received

    Student priorities ranking highest included regular attendance at school, paying attention to the teacher and completing assignments; with homework completion not far behind.

    Parent priorities ranking highest included ensuring regular student attendance, ensuring students come to school prepared to learn and helping with homework; with reading daily with their child not far behind.

    School Staff priorities ranking highest included technical competence, trustworthiness and friendliness; with hard working and being a good example not far behind.

    Teacher priorities led with creating a nurturing learning environment, followed by regular attendance at school and profession, ethical and legal behavior / good example for students; with plans and carries out effective instruction so all students are learning at their level and using a variety of learning activities not far behind.

    School leader priorities ranking highest included creating a shared vision, understanding student needs and helpfulness; followed by solving problems and collaborating with parents, teachers and the community.

    For more detail, Read full results here.